Daily Manna Today April 22, 2019 : FROM A GATEMAN TO A HERO-MAN!

Daily Manna Today April 22, 2019



I once listened to the interview of a Ph.D holder who was a lecturer in one of the top universities in Africa. When he was asked about his academic journey, he said; “I left home in search for a job as a young high school leaver when I met a man who decided to employ me as a gatekeeper in his home. After about a year of working there, he called me one day and said that he had been taking note of my level of intelligence and that he wanted me to return to school if I didn’t mind. He promised to take care of all the bills arid’ booked me up for every necessary qualifying examination.

odm aril devotion
odm aril devotion

After graduating with a degree in Psychology, he motivated me to take a second and third degree. All through my academic journey (till Ph.D.), I never spent a dime; he took care of all the bills.” The story of the above lecturer is what we refer to as a divine and destiny helper!

Help is from God and I also know that God uses people or Positions people on our pathway in life to help us. When God decides to have mercy over a man and help him, nobody or force can stand against him. In this 2nd quarter of 2019, I see the Lord sending you help from unexpected quarters! Yes! UNEXPECTED QUARTERS! Humanly speaking, RAHAB as a prostitute could not be used to help Israel! But that was who GOD CHOSE to use! Destiny helpers are people assigned in your life to add value, usefulness, and significance to your life; they contribute to your welfare and inspire you to strive to fulfil your destiny. They come into your life to help you fulfil what God has commissioned you to do.

I decree: From today and after the Lagos Anointing Service of this weekend, NEW destiny helpers will locate you and those in your life now, will fulfil their God-sent mission into your life and ministry! WRITE THE NAMES OF YOUR DESTINY HELPERS and come with them to pray on the altar! Pray now!

Lagos, Ogudu Anointing service for this month is Saturday, April 27th.


Time: 7.30 a.m.     

Devotional for February 22 Bishop Dr Chris-CANNOT SPELL “IMPOSSIBLE” IN  MY DNA!

PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song to God now.

  1. Thank God for today’s word and pray as led.
  2. Lord, I position myself to receive Your help! Use anybody You choose to use in Jesus name.
  3. My destiny helpers; begin to locate me afresh from today in Jesus name.
  4. Pray for your destiny helpers today (Mention their names).
  5. Pray for the sick today.
  6. Pray about today seriously, and any other prayer(s) as led.

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Grace Phiri
Grace Phiri
5 years ago


Ogbebor oluwakemi
Ogbebor oluwakemi
5 years ago

Sir, i thank God for his grace upon your life. I am so happy with the ODM app may the good Lord continue to bless and strengthen you in Jesus name. No power of darkness will be able to stop you. From mrs ogbebor, Benin.

fiawoyife deladem
fiawoyife deladem
5 years ago

Pastor Christ God bless your household,Ministry with new destiny helpers too.I decree for me today new destiny helpers locate me in Jesus name. amen

Oladejo Temilogo
Oladejo Temilogo
5 years ago

Destiny helpers begin to locate me from today onward.

Grace Ochiogu A.
Grace Ochiogu A.
5 years ago

May God bless you Pst. Chris. Thank God for ODM. Everyday topic is a blessing to my soul. I pray that wherever my Destiny helpers are they will locate me in Jesus name Amen.

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