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Divine Surprise Prophetic Prayer Psalms Monday 18 April 2022 ODM Prayer

Divine Surprise Prophetic Prayer Psalms


Monday 28 April 2022 ODM Prayer

ODM Today
ODM Today
  1. Lord, I thank You because You are the giver and sustainer of my life.
  2. Psalm 139:14; I praise You Lord, for another day in this fasting
    programme and for all You have in store for me.
  3. Vs. 14; I praise You because 2022 is fearfully and wonderfully made
    for my divine surprise and nothing can stop it.
  4. Psalm 51:1; My Father, My Father, show me Your mercy card today
    and let the ACCUSER bow in shame.
  5. Vs. 1; Abba Father, by Your mercy, open my heavens by fire and let
    my divine surprise rain on me today and beyond.
  6. Revelation 12:11; Blood of Jesus, speak for me and defend me from
    the devourers of my divine surprise this year.
  7. Vs. 11; By the Blood of Jesus, I overcome all the challenges and
    obstacles in 2022; they must bow by fire.
  8. Vs. 11; Whatever is not planted by God in my territorial space, planted
    to block my supplication today, the Blood of Jesus is against you;
    scatter now in Jesus name. Divine Surprise Prophetic Prayer Psalms
  9. O God, MY CUP shall not miss my address this year in Jesus name.
  10. Satan, hear this: “I MUST DRINK THE CUP OF THE LORD THIS YEAR”
    by fire by force in Jesus name.
  11. Satan, you must drink the CUP OF DISAPPOINTMENT concerning
    my life, family and ministry in Jesus name.
  12. Job 22:28; MY CUP is not negotiable this year. It must locate me by fire and all shall see it and marvel in Jesus name.

13. 1 Corinthians 10:21; I shall drink the cup of the Lord; my own is my
own, it shall not elude me in Jesus name.
14. Vs. 21; I shall drink the cup of healing this year; CUP OF THE LORD,
swallow up every disease in my body in Jesus name.
15. Vs. 21; O CUP OF THE LORD, revamp and restore every dead cell in
my body; reverse every irreversible by fire in Jesus name.
16. Vs. 21; O CUP OF THE LORD, invade my blood; dry up whatever You
have not planted in Jesus name.
17. Vs. 21; My Father, My Father, I reject the cup of devils; I shall not
fellowship with them this year in Jesus name.
18. Vs. 21; O CUP OF THE DEVIL, you have no part in me; reject my
destiny by fire and thunder in Jesus name.
19. Vs. 21; YOU CUP OF THE DEVIL, introducing battles into my
life and ministry, catch fire now in Jesus name.
20. Vs. 21; I reject the demonic CUP of sorrow, retrogression, anxiety
and depression; dry up by fire in Jesus name.
21. Vs. 21; You demonic CUP OF DEATH, my soul rejects you, my spirit
repels you, I overturn you in Jesus name. Divine Surprise Prophetic Prayer Psalms
22. SATANIC CUP MANUFACTURERS, drink your own cup this year and
run mad in Jesus name.
23. I will not be a victim of the cup of the devil; I escape them all. The cup
of the Lord is my portion in Jesus name.
24. Daniel 10:13; You stubborn Prince of Persia, drink the cup of the
wrath of the Lord and die. I must get to my destination by fire in Jesus
25. Vs. 13; You stubborn pursuer of my destiny and divine surprise, you
must drink the cup of the wrath of God and die in Jesus name.
26. Vs. 13; My DIVINE SURPRISE CUP cannot be confiscated in 2022;
Prince of Persia, run mad now in Jesus name.
27. Vs. 13; Any power and personality eyeing my divine surprise open
heaven and answers in order to block it, receive divine blindness and
die in Jesus name.
28. Vs. 13; You delay agents called Prince of Persia, enough is enough;
drink the cup of God’s wrath and die in Jesus name.
29. Every delay with my name on it, expire, expire and expire now in
Jesus name. Divine Surprise Prophetic Prayer Psalms

  1. O delay of my yester years, 2022 is your disgrace and terminator;
    loose my life and ministry and go in Jesus name.
  2. John 18:11; O God, Your cup is the best and I must drink it. I reject
    any other cup that will be given to me this year.
  3. Psalm 23:5: “Thou anointest my head with oil, MY CUP RUNNETH
    OVER.” O LORD, I refuse to drink the cup of weeping, sorrow
    and bitterness. I drink the cup of blessings in Jesus name.
  4. Vs. 5; Father, anoint my head with the oil of favour. Every attack on
    my favour this year, scatter, scatter and scatter in Jesus name. Divine Surprise Prophetic Prayer Psalms

  5. Vs. 5; The cup of my spiritual life, my business, finances, marriage,
    ministry and academics shall RUN OVER this January, February,
    March, April, May…(mention the 12 months of the year), in Jesus
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