January 2018 Daily Manna Day 25 – MARRIED AFTER 65 YEARS APART!

January 2018 Daily Manna Day 25


A family misunderstanding means that Helen Andre, who is 82 years old, and Davy Moakes, who is 86 years old from Derbyshire, never got married in 1951. Ms Andre’s daughter, Debbie Williams, who tracked down Mr Moakes, said the pair were madly in love after being reunited. She said the couple originally split because Ms Andre’s parents did not approve of his job as an artist. “Back in the 1950s, being an artist was not considered a good career for a future son in law,” she said. It broke both their hearts but in those days, you did as you were told.

January 2018 Daily Manna Day 25

January 2018 Daily Manna Day 25

Ms Williams said that after her mother became widowed for the third time, she decided to find Mr Moakes. She said: They got talking and rekindled their relationship and they fell madly in love… I am so happy for them. The couple said, their love for each never went away. The couple who have outlived five partners between them were married at Ripley Registry. Mr Moakes said, if you love someone as we do, it never goes away. January 2018 Daily Manna Day 25

The new Mrs. Moakes said I’ve loved him all my life, I’m overjoyed, we’re together at last. Wow! Love is good when it is the right person! And also, a delay is not always a denial concerning your dreams. Imagine this couple; it took 65 years for their dream to come to pass!

I decree that whatever God has destined for your life must manifest this year! Ah! YOU WILL SHINE AND BE OUTSTANDING in Jesus name! You will be UNCOMMON and will be a PUZZLE TO YOUR ADVERSARIES! Idecree: that every delay will turn to your dancing party! As I am commanded, I decree: The power that withstood you in the past shall break and surrender from this day and tomorrow at the WORLD ANOINTING CHANGE OF GARMENT NIGHT! I decree again with fire in my mouth, that you will never marry another person’s husband/ wife; your own shall locate you this year in Jesus name! What was taken from you shall be returned by force! I see you shedding tear of triumph and joy because like the prodigal son who only ask for a little handshake from his father but got a big party, that shall be your story this year! Finally, I decree: You will outlive those who want you dead and you will bury them this year in Jesus name! January 2018 Daily Manna Day 25

TODAY IS DAY 20 OF THIS FASTING PROGRAMME! Turn to page 79 of the “WAR AGAINST HAMAN 13” booklet and pray today’s prayers. Then be at the TBS Square Lagos TOMORROW, 7 pm for the change of garment world anointing decoration night! Bring a second dress you can afford to tear after prayers! It will be great!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 3: Because He lives……

  • Thank God for today’s word and pray as you are led!
  • LORD, turn every delay into my dancing party.
  • Pray for the unmarried today seriously, loose marital connections.
  • I see marital connections from today’s devotional and tomorrows anointing night!
  • I cancel marital mistakes now in Jesus name.
  • Pray about today seriously and any other issues as led.



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Amon Kings
Amon Kings
6 years ago

I’m overwhelmed by the Testimony, God is faithful !

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