ODM January 24, 2018, Day 24 – I SHALL SHINE! I AM A PUZZLE FOR THEM IN 2018!

ODM January 24, 2018, Day 24


Welcome to today’s encounter with He that is called the High and Lofty one, The supper arranger, Master Builder, Master planner, The storm stiller, The storm stopper, The lion of the tribe of Judah, The root of Jesse, the man of war! He is the Game Changer, He is your refuge and banner and your Voice of hope for 2018! Glory to God! Oh, make sure you don’t miss the WORLD ANOINTING CHANGE OF GARMENT NIGHT taking place in 48 hours time! Come with a dress, shirt or any wear you can afford to tear after praying with it! Oh! It is a night and a year that your COVERED LIGHT WILL SHINE AGAIN and your UNCOVERED LIGHT SHALL SHINE BRIGHTER! Isaiah 60:1 says “Arise, shine; for the light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”

ODM January 24, 2018, Day 24

ODM January 24, 2018, Day 24

Light is what disgraces and OVERCOMES DARKNESS! John 1:5 says, And the light shineth in darkness; and darkness comprehend it not. Another translation says “… and the darkness was not able TO UNDERSTAND IT “ Oh Glory! That means in this year 2018, YOU WILL BE A MYSTERY TO THOSE WHO HATE YOU AND YOU WILL BE AN EQUATION THEY CAN NEVER BALANCE! Yes! You will be a puzzle they cannot interpret and a BONE THEY CANNOT CRACK! YOUR LIGHT HAS COME! Your time to flourish, prosper, dominate, succeed and manifest has come! It is a season when RESULTS WILL CANCEL INSULTS and speed will terminate stagnation! Rise, pray seriously now and declare: I SHALL SHINE, BE UNCOMMON AND BE SEPARATED FROM CROWD! I AM A MYSTERY AND CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD, EXPLAINED OR INTERPRETED this year in Jesus name! Sow your CHANGE OF GARMENT, “BONE THAT CANNOT BE CRACKED SEED” for yourself and ON BEHALF OF SOMEBODY ELSE (Remember Jairus stood for his daughter – mark5:22-23) and be at the WORLD ANOINTING CHANGE OF GARMENT NIGHT with a dress you can afford to tear thereafter! You can come and stand for others! This is your year! ODM January 24, 2018, Day 24

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TODAY IS DAY 19 OF THIS FASTING PROGRAMME! Turn to page 79 of the “WAR AGAINST HAMAN 13” Booklet and pray Today’s prayers. Then be at the TBS Lagos on Friday, January 26th 7 pm for the change of garment world anointing decoration Night! Bring a second dress you can afford to tear after prayers! It will be Great!


PRAYER POINTS: Take song1: Draw me nearer…..

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  • Thank God for today’s word and pray as you are led!
  • I must shine! LORD, make me an “equation” that cannot be understood this year in Jesus name.
  • See your WAR AGAINST HAMAN 13 BOOKLET NOW and pray the above prayers!
  • Pray about today seriously and any other issues affecting your peace.

BASIC SCRIPTURE: ISAIAH 60:1-11, MARK 5:22-23. ODM January 24, 2018, Day 24

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  1. Will the World Anointing Night be streamed live? If yes where please?

  2. I can’t really say, but am personally working on that

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