Lagos Manna Mountain Today 8pm READ ODM 28 January, 2018

Lagos Manna Mountain Today 8 pm READ ODM 28 January 2018


Daily Manna ODM January 13, 2018
In this New year 2018, like Hushai whose life became a wonder and a shocker, receive your new name for this new year. “Amazing Wonder.”

I prophesy: The God of Hushai shall show up for you this year! YOUR 21 DAY FASTING AND PRAYERS WILL NOT BE IN VAIN! In this year 2018, you shall be preferred above all others wherever you go!

Your business and career shall be preferred! Your ministry shall be preferred! Whatever is connected you shall be preferred in Jesus name! What made Hushai’s counsel to a mystery that the human Brain cannot interpret and in this year 2018, no man or women shall be able to interpret you in Jesus name.  Lagos Manna Mountain

They shall wonder at your progress and envy your rising because the lord will do a work of DECORATION in your life, family, and ministry. And because they would not be able to understand and interpret your progress, they shall call you a mystery and some might attach scandalous stories to you but fear not, because your God will always complete whatever He starts. I can imagine the friends of Hushai wondering at his SUDDEN RISE. Therefore, I prophesy again that the favor of Hushai shall locate you.  Lagos Manna Mountain


That is the favor that turns nobody’s into somebody. Ah Hushai became a celebrity overnight! He became an instructor instead of being the instructed (2sam.17:16). Because of favor on him, his ordinary counsel was turned into a super ordinary counsel – the wisdom/idea of the century! (2sam17:14). That shall be your story this year! As “Jehovah Over-do” liveth, what you have been looking for, will look for you this year by fire! FEAR NOT! WORRY NOT! JUST TRUST AND OBEY! By the order of Hushai’s favor, in this year 2018, you shall be upgraded, honored, preferred and promoted in Jesus name! As the year commences, God shall deliver your enemies cheaply into your hands by fire and thunder in Jesus name! Pray now!  Lagos Manna Mountain

Be at the Lagos Manna Mountain Today 8pm. I shall lay HANDS on ALL PERSONALLY. This is your year!
PRAYER POINTS: Take song 2: My hope is built……

• Thank God for today’s word and pray as you are led!
• Hushai was nobody, turned to somebody! O lord, turn my life and destiny into a mysterious testimony this week/this new month. Let men/women wonder at me!!!
• O God of Hushai, turn everything every near death experience/situation into a glorious deliverance in Jesus name.
• My Father! My Father!! My Father!!! Give my family and I special favour we do not qualify for this year in Jesus in Jesus name
• Pray about today seriously and any other issues affecting your peace.

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