Our Daily Manna Devotion for January 27 2018 – THE FAVOR OF HUSHAI! – 1

Our Daily Manna Devotion for January 27 2018

ODM January 2018 Day 27 – THE FAVOR OF HUSHAI! – 1


Oh last night was awesome! To God be the glory for the great testimonies! DELAY IS BURIED! Your DECORATION will come SPEEDILY! Hushai means “speed” or haste! He was just a mere servant/messenger of David who was unknown and poor! His life was the opposite of his name. He was slow, delayed and stagnant in life. That was why David said that he will be a burden to him because of his uninspiring or problematic life (2sam.15:32-33). Our Daily Manna Devotion for January 27 2018

He was however sent by this same king David as a secret spy to the camp of Absalom/Ahitophel when they both rebelled! Note that in this year 2018, GOD CAN USE ANYBODY TO CHANGE YOUR STORY. Be flexible and open to the Holy Ghost as you go out today and daily. Note that Bush ain’t would have been charged treasonable felony if he had been caught. But divine favor was on his side! At that time, the wisest person on earth was called Ahitophel.


Daily Manna ODM January 13, 2018


Our Daily Manna Devotion for January 27 2018

But favor made the fake king Absalom to seek for the advice of Hushai based on what Ahitophel had counseled! Mystery! Mystery!! Mystery!!! Yes! This was mysterious because the advice of an unknown, common Hushai was sought after the wisest man, Ahitophel, had spoken. What made the king to ask Hushai to speak after the wise man has spoken is called favor!!! Who was Hushai to speak after Ahitophel has spoken? Oh, more mysteries! He did not only speak, his council was PREFERRED ABOVE that of Ahitophel!!! Amazing! This shall be your story this year in Jesus name. Our Daily Manna Devotion for January 27 2018

You shall be preferred above others wherever you go and as I lay hands on everyone again tomorrow at the manna mountain OGUDU, Lagos, 8pm. You shall be the head and not the tail! Just as Hushai was favored and decorated, that shall be your story this year in Jesus name. Pray now!

NOTICE ON CHANGE OF PRINTING PAPER: The cost of pure white paper has gone beyond reach because of the dollar scarcity in Nigeria. Therefore, we are constrained to use the current off-white paper In order to keep the vision running. The pure white paper has become expensive that we have to use it, your popular ODM may become out of reach for thousands worldwide because we may have to increase the price you buy it. Please bear with us! HEAVEN AT LAST is the goal and the quality of the daily message will never be affected by the grace of God!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 1: Draw me nearer……

Ø  Thank God for todays word and pray as you are led!

Ø  Decree that Last Night’s answers and your 21 day fasting result will be PERMANENT!

Ø  Hushai was nobody turned to somebody! Oh lord, turn my life and destiny into a mysterious testimony! Let men/women wonder at me this year! Give him thanks!

Ø  Favour if Hushai; locate my destiny!




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