Manna Online Today 13th April 2022 – TOPIC: SHE WAS DISAPPOINTED!

Manna Online Today 13th April 2022


Manna Online Today 13th April 2022
Manna Online Today 13th April 2022


Every Sunday afternoon for the last seven years, Mary Hannaby had gone for a walk with her metal detector. She’d never really found anything of value, but she liked getting the exercise, so she kept at it. On one Sunday in June 2009, her detector beeped, and she bent down to dig up what she thought was going to be another common coin or old nail.

Manna Online Today 13th April 2022 – TOPIC: SHE WAS DISAPPOINTED!

Instead, she uncovered a postage stamp-sized gold pendant featuring an intricate carving of the crucifixion of Jesus. Maybe she had finally hit the jackpot. Upon inspection by the British Museum, the pendant was described as “an important find. and they estimated the market value to be around £4,000: Still, they decided not to purchase it for their collection, so Mary took the pendant to Sotheby’s.

Manna Online Today 13th April 2022 – TOPIC: SHE WAS DISAPPOINTED!

The experts at the auction house felt the piece was much more valuable because it was believed to be one of only three similar items known to exist. Their initial estimate was £250.000. but said it could easily sell for as much as £2.5 million thanks to its resemblance to another English treasure also found with a metal detector, the Middleham Jewel. But as the saying goes.

“Never count your millions until the auctioneer bangs his/her gavel.” Sotheby’s put the pendant up for auction on July 9th, 2009, making it the highlight of a large lot of antique sculptures. Clearly the expectations were high. The bidding started at £30, 000, but as the final call was made. the best offer was only £38, 000 – far below the reserve price to make a sale. What a lesson and a school on looking up daily to God.

The Holy Ghost is speaking to an ODM user and dropping a warning: NEVER BOAST OF TOMORROW TILL IT COMES. LET HIM THAT THINKETH HE STANDETH TAKE HEED LEST HE/SHE FALLS! The lady in the above story felt that she could be rich to the tune of millions of pounds. Her expectation was high but at the end. what she got was far from reality.

Manna Online Today 13th April 2022 – TOPIC: SHE WAS DISAPPOINTED!

In your daily life, think big. pray big and trust big, but you must also develop a great capacity to adjust when your expectations do not manifest immediately. Sometimes, God HIMSELF can also downscale your life in order for you to trust Him daily. In disappointment or in great celebration, know that ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love God.

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PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led now.

  1. God of divine turnaround, locate my address today in Jesus name. Would be very beneficial to also prayer: PRAYERS TO REACH YOUR GOALS SPEEDILY! odm online prayers – CLICK HERE
  2. I repent from boasting about tomorrow. Oh God, I trust You alone and I look up to You alone. In You do I boast concerning my tomorrow.

  3. My Father! My Father! My. Father!!! Take away that disappointment at the edge of breakthrough (Pray and cancel disappointments seriously today).

  4. I possess my possessions now from the north, south, east and west of the globe. I loose whatever belongs to me to come to my hands in Jesus name. (Pray it 7 times today).


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Manna Online Today 13th April 2022 – TOPIC: SHE WAS DISAPPOINTED!

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