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MORNING FIRE Our Daily Manna By Bishop Dr Chris
MORNING FIRE Our Daily Manna By Bishop Dr Chris

Today’s ODM BASIC SCRIPTURE Our Daily Manna Worldwide

Daily Manna Worldwide 8th Match 2022 – JUST TAKE CARE OF MY EYES! WOW!

  1. 2022 MORNING DEVOTION PRAYERS Vs. 8; O Lord, order my steps as I go out today into my divine surprise testimony and breakthrough in Jesus name.
  2. Today rejection is not my portion. Every satanic spell of rejection fired into my life and my day shall not prosper in Jesus name.
  3. Decision determines destiny! Holy Spirit, guide me today as I make decisions relating to my academics, business, career, finances and ministry. I shall not regret but celebrate at last in Jesus name.
  4. Psalm 90:14; My Father! My Father!! Satisfy me early today with Your goodness, mercy, success and divine surprise in Jesus name.
  5. Daniel 6:3; Spirit of excellence, distinguish me and make me outstanding in my field of endeavour.
  6. Vs. 3; I decree that by the spirit of excellence in me, I shall be preferred above my equals and contemporaries in Jesus name.
  7. Revelation 12:11; Today by the Blood of Jesus, I nullify, subdue and overcome any satanic agenda against my life, family and ministry waiting to be executed in Jesus name. 2022 MORNING DEVOTION PRAYERS
  8. Ecclesiastes 10:6; In the name of Jesus I pull down the strongholds of folly and wickedness targeted against my day by fire.
  9. Holy Spirit, keep me from DESTINY WASTERS and deliver me from costly and deadly mistakes today in Jesus name,
  10. Isaiah 65:16; I invoke DIVINE SURPRISES upon my business, career, academics, job, family and ministry today; I shall not see shame today in Jesus name.
  11. O Lord, any plan to surprise me today with evil, bad news and losses, catch fire in Jesus name.
  12. Lord, surprise my haters today; break and disappoint their expectations concerning my day in Jesus name.
  13. 1 Tim. 2:1-2; Pray for me Dr. Chris and my family and for our helpers and partners today. Loose Divine Surprises.
  14. Job. 22:28; Pray now and nullify any plan to derail this ODM vision through marine witchcraft agents, court cases, online scammers, cybercriminals or evil bloggers. 2022 MORNING DEVOTION PRAYERS
  15. Eph. 6:8; Pray in Tongues concerning today and declare Psalm 126.
  16. Psalm 107: 1-3; Bless the Lord with a song of worship and give Him thanks for answering your prayers and for the divine surprise that lies ahead of you today. (NOW DO THE DAILY PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS ON PAGE 135 OF THIS BOOKLET – “SATAN MY MOUTH IS YOUR DIVINE SHOCKER THIS YEAR” to know about what to declare in all battles). March 08 2022 MORNING DEVOTION PRAYERS

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