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ODM 28 November 2022


BASIC SCRIPTURE ODM 28 November 2022

Our Daily Manna Bishop quote
Our Daily Manna Bishop quote


Welcome to today’s devotional that talks about time and seasons controlled by the sun and the moon. Your life is controlled by the moon and the sun (Genesis 1), The big light is the sun and the lesser light is the moon. The whole of life is controlled by times and seasons. Your waking up in the morning is a season of your life. Your going to bed, is another season of your life! Every birthday, for example, is a season of your life! Satan knows this and he will try to attack your seasons. He knows that your life is controlled by seasons. You must arise today and in tomorrow’s devotional as we scatter what I am led to call “SEASON ATTACKERS,” they must die! What Satan does is that he will attack your season of laughter and extend it so that you will not laugh. Now, you must know that seasons can be extended. A season of suffering and pain can be extended by evil powers; while your season of laughter/testimonies can also be extended by your God! There was a period a man called Joshua told the SUN to stand still. Can you imagine that? That means spiritual powers can manipulate the sun and the moon. He told the sun to stand still over the valley called, “Ajalon.” Also you need to know that Satan can counterfeit what the Lord does by programming the sun and the moon against you. He will try to program the sun and the moon so that your seasons of delay/ pain/drinking bitter water/regrets/tears, etc, are prolonged! Arise today against it and scatter all SEASON ATTACKERS for the next 2 days… (Continues tomorrow).

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song When the morning comes…

1 In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.

2 As 2022 ends, I decree; You SEASON MANIPULATORS; DRY UP AND DIE! L

3 I decree now: Every power that has determined to prolong my season of pain and suffering; DRY UP AND DIE!

  1. I decree now: Every power that is waging war against me via the SUN AND THE MOON; dry up and RUN MAD!

  2. LORD, accelerate my season of glory and my season of dancing! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I command the moon and the sun to favour my destiny from this day in Jesus name.

6 Pray in Tongues seriously now! I see the heavens fighting for your good!

7, Pray about today now! Use page 7 prayers now!


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