ODM Daily June 2019 Day 23 – TOPIC: MIND YOUR MIND!

ODM Daily June 2019 Day 23



A Brazilian researcher called Suzana Herculano-Houzel was the first person to ‘count neurons’ in some vertebrates’ brains. She found out that the human brain has 86 billion neurons, (cells), not the well-known, ‘100 billion neurons’ which was the conclusion of other researchers. That means between 86 billion and 100 billion, cells were deposited by your Maker in your brain so that on planet earth, you will never be_ classified as a “failure.” Why would God give you an 86 billion-cell brain (your mind) if it is not to be used? Another word for the mind is, “imagination.”

The truth is that until you picture (imagine) anything in your brain (your mind, your thinking process), you cannot touch it or experience it in the physical world. Zig Ziglar said: “What you picture in your irand, your mind will go to work to accomplish. Whatever you attach consistently to the words, “I am’, you Will become.” It is imagination that rules the world. IT IS I THE MIND THAT IS THE MAN! I It is as a man think that he I becomes! That’s why God is I telling you to mind your I mind this year! Mind the type of things you feed on and the way you use your mind in 2019!

Edmond Spencer wrote: “It is the mind that make the good or ill; wretched or happy; rich or poor.” No wonder the revered Publius Spencer cautioned: “A wise man will be the master of his mind, a fool will be its slave.” All the great things you see around today were born from the minds of men like you on this planet. Most of the mountains people talk about are their own inability to use their imagination (that mind of about 86 billion cells)! Charles Albert Poissant said: “WEALTH IS A STATE OF MIND!” Dr. Frank Crane wrote: “Our best friends and our best enemies are the thoughts we have about ourselves.”

Your mind is a magnet that will attract whatever you desire and think seriously about! No wonder God had to come down to scatter the Tower of Babel because imagination was at work! What is your STORY to GLORY desire for 2019? Paste a mental picture of it with a Bible verse on it; and it will amaze you that apart from prayer, your mind is a creator! Peace!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Count your blessings…
1. Thank God for the Word! Consecrate and dedicate your mind (your brain) to God now. Lord, sanctify my thinking!

  1. Thank God for the 86 billion cells in your brain! Decree that YOU WILL NEVER BE A FAILURE on planet earth (Pray it well).
  2. Lord, empower me to use my mind! Holy Ghost, give me IDEAS that will change my world in Jesus name.

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  1. Amen.

  2. Thank you Jesus for making this vision a reality today… Thank you for making me witness this

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