ODM Daily Manna 25 September 2018



My family had a tree in our backyard that provided two things: shade and countless bags of unripe mango fruits. One day, I asked the gardener why she made so many bags of the UNRIPE fruits! Her response was, “If I don’t, they will start falling off the tree and go bad when ripe.” With that, I went outside to take a look for myself. There were mangoes everywhere – so many in fact, that the tree branches were beginning to sag and snap under the immense weight of their fruit. Click to read – ODM

ODM Daily Manna 25 September 2018

ODM Daily Manna 25 September 2018

It looked to me like the gardener indeed knew her job. The process of removing some of the fruits for storage (SUBTRACTION) was a way of encouraging the tree to produce even more (ADDITION)! I am a trained Pharmacist, but I now see farming as a summary of SUBTRACTION AND ADDITION! That is how the LORD deals with us to enable us to make HEAVEN AT LAST! I hope you know that the LORD Jesus is THE GARDENER of gardeners! He wants you to be an abundant producer of good fruit, showing the world that you are indeed a child of God from whom all good things come (see John 15:8).

He wants the world to see you and say you are His “CARBON COPY.” But that is not enough! Instead of simply harvesting the fruit that is produced, the Lord grabs a pair of pruning instruments and begins to trim the branches – a little here, a little there, until He is satisfied with the end result. This process of subtraction (CUTTING OFF) is a good thing for the tree! For it is in these SUBTRACTION times, which sometimes is a painful process, that God rids us of attitudes and actions that limits our effectiveness for the kingdom.

ODM Daily Manna 25 September 2018

In their place, He ADDS to us new opportunities to exhibit love, patience, kindness, and self- control (see Galatians 5:22-23). As these values are acted upon, what started out as subtraction becomes addition, and more fruit is produced than before the pruning (cutting off ). If the branches are not CUT OFF (subtraction), they may become weakened or stressed, and they will eventually break off (shame).

Once that occurs, the branches will wither and die because they are not attached to the tree, leaving wasted fruit behind. But the result of a life lived for Christ will FRUITFUL! Pray now and determine that to the shame of the devil, your life/ministry MUST bear fruit! (SPECIAL ZAMBIA ANOINTING SERVICE is Saturday September 29TH)! 8am!

PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 2: What a friend…
1. Thank God for today’s word and pray as you are led!ODM Daily Manna September 2018
2. Satan, you have lost the battle! I SCATTER every plan to attack my fruit in JESUS NAME.

3. By the grace of God, the world shall see GOD in me. I shall operate as an HEIR of Jehovah! My life will not be a signboard for the devil. Click here for – ODM 24 September 2018

4. Pray seriously about today now! SCATTER CONFUSION! ODM Daily Manna 25 September 2018


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  1. Subtract all negativities from my life oh GOD

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