ODM Daily Online 4th March 2023 – THE GOD WHO USES THE RAVENS

ODM Daily Online 4th March 2023


Daily Manna ODM
Daily Manna ODM


It was Philip Yancey who penned: “A God wise enough to create me and the world I live in is wise enough to watch out for me.” Very true! Our emphasis again today is for us not to limit God and His blessings by despising any of His channels of reaching out to us.

People make up and figure in their minds, exactly how God will answer their prayers or whom He will use. People even have certain pastors as idols. God may choose to use the gentle Dove,and not the powerful Eagle. He chose the Raven (a bird) to bless Elijah.

The Raven is an unclean bird and it is very selfish. For a Raven to feed a man twice a day, was unheard of. They hardly feed their young ones, not to talk of feeding a stranger. ODM

Ravens are very selfish birds yet God used them to feed His servant. He will feed you and your family too, this year. Isaiah 55:8 boldly declares: “for My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways.”

Don’t work out the solution in your brain. It was a little maid that God decided to use to rescue the leprous but mighty General Naaman (2 Kings 5:2). God didn’t use a Bishop, but a little maid (house girl). ODM Daily Online 4th March 2023 – THE GOD WHO USES THE RAVENS

It was the ordinary, common, dirty River Jordan that God decided to use to complete His healing process on General Naaman.There were better and neater rivers. It was the five loaves and fishes of a little lad (not a millionaire), that God decided to use to feed the thousands at the crusade ground of Jesus (John 6: 5-13).

That ordinary, dirty, smelly shepherd’s rod, was what God decided to use to disgrace Pharaoh, dry up the Red Sea and all the marine spirits, and deliver His people (Exodus 14: 26). God may decide to use people you do not expect to disgrace the Pharaohs around your life and lift your destiny in this year 2023.

Hear the late Billy Graham: “We can be certain that God will give us the strength and resources we need to live through any situation in life that He ordains. The will of God will never take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us.” Wait on Him and don’t despise anybody or source He may decide to use! This is your year!

ONLINE – “MORNING FIRE with Bishop Chris” – Today 7am (Nigeria time) via Facebook & Youtube. ODM Daily Online 4th March 2023 – THE GOD WHO USES THE RAVENS


PRAYER POINTS: Take your best song of worship.

  1. Tell God that you will never make up your mind or set your
    eyes on any man again.
  2. Lord, thank you that Your grace will never let me down!

ODM Daily Online 4th March 2023 – THE GOD WHO USES THE RAVENS

  1. Ask God to use anybody to actualise your destiny, even the
    “Raven,” the little lad, or the common rod.
  2. I SCATTER every attack against my sustenance and provision
    this year! I shall eat the good of the land in 2023 (pray well).
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