ODM Devotional For Champions 3 May 2019 – BENCHMARKING SECRET!

ODM Devotional For Champions 3 May 2019



Be reminded from the last edition of this booklet, of the old formula for success for the ancient Greeks (12th-9th centuries BC). The formula has three steps:
(1) Find someone who is successful in doing what you want to do.
12) Discover what they did to become successful and
13) Duplicate the steps they took and the methods they used.



ODM Devotional For Champions 3 May 2019

The 2nd step is called BENCHMARKING and it is crucial in any success story! Benchmarking is the practice of comparing business performance to other businesses in the industry. This allows businesses to see how well they are performing and identify ways in which they can become more competitive in the industry. BENCHMARKING is a way of avoiding what brought others down in doing what made others to win. It is a cheap way of NOT PAYING THE COST that winners paid and yet you have their RESULTS – because experience is not always the best teacher!

The different types of benchmarking are: Best practices – This is a Benchmark report where companies choose to look at a company that they aspire to be like. Peer benchmarking – This is a benchmark report where companies choose to look at other businesses very similar to themselves. SWOT -This is a type of benchmarking report where companies gather data by looking at Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, I and Threats to their organizations! Collaborative benchmarking – This is benchmarking
is a part of a group.

Many industries have associations they can doing e.g. The Pharmaceutical Society, MMA, COREN, etc. These associations allow for members to provide information to the association. They then share such reports for the entire membership Oh, apologies for running you through an unsolicited management school! But the Holy Ghost wants to remind you of Ecclesiastes 1:9 “…there is no new thing under the sun.” That means if you do the kittle things you already know about success, you will succeed. Check what made Samson to become a victim of DEMONIC SALONS, and run from it!

ODM Devotional For Champions 3 May 2019

Check out other success stories in and inside the Bible. That is the reason why I have started 55 SECRETS OF UNCOMMON SUCCESS – THE STORY BEHIND THE GLORY on Sundays, Sam at the MANNA MOUNTAIN OGUDU-ORIOKE Lagos! LEKKI Mountain will always be connected, Sam! Get your notebook and pen ready! It will be awesome/unforgettable! It started in April and continues this month – for 7 weeks! I will be picking a success story in the Bible and modern day life and tapping into their secrets!

Never forget: Success Is Simple! It Can Be Duplicated And There Is No New Formula For Success! Do the simple things you. Will learn in these 7 weeks and watch your story change! See you! ODM Devotional For Champions 3 May 2019 – BENCHMARKING SECRET!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as you are led.
1. Cancel every satanic attack against your STORY to GLORY testimony (Pray it seriously today for next 7 days or as led). ODM Devotional For Champions 3 May 2019 – BENCHMARKING SECRET!
2. Pray about today now!


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5 years ago

Amen, the lord will avenge my cause over my enemies in Jesus name. And teach me how to make success

5 years ago


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