Our Daily Manna (May 4, 2019) Topic: My name is courage!

Our Daily Manna (May 4, 2019)

Topic: My name is courage! (Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe)

BASIC SCRIPTURES: Psalms 27:7-14; Deuteronomy 31:6


Mark Twain once said: “Only those who risk going too far possibly find out how far they can go.” Relative to the whole scheme of things, your life span can be compared to lighting a candle and immediately blowing it out. In other words, life is short- very short. Missing out of any of the joys life offers is a tragedy. Courage is the mental muscle that conquers fear and the Holy Ghost wants you to go out today and BOLDLY declare daily to your world: “MY NAME IS COURAGE!” I read Pharmacy as a career in the University and I learned in Medical psychology that the more you use the muscle of your body, the stronger they become! Courage is not something you are born with, it must be developed like the muscle of your body! Individuals who fail to develop courage, remain confined in mental prisons and face each day as mental lightweights. One truth which the Lord wants to drop in your spirit through today’s devotional is: IF YOU FACE THE THINGS YOU FEAR THE MOST, THE FEAR OF THEM LEAVES YOU AND BOWS OUT!

From verse 14 of our 1st Scripture (Psalms 27), and also from our 2nd scripture, God is calling a user of today’s devotional to a greeter life of courage and risk-taking. For years, I believed that courageous individuals had no fear! I was wrong!

Our Daily Manna 2019
Our Daily Manna 2019

Eddie Richembacher put it very well when he said: “There is no courage without fear.” We all have fear! However, not everyone becomes subservient to their fears. In the midst of your secrets fears, think fresh and act BY FAITH! There is very likely, something you have wanted to do for years-  move to another city, start your own business, apply for a better career position, etc. It could also be obeying a divine call to ministry as I did when the LORD asked me to quit pharmacy after practicing for 11 years! Oh, but I was scared initially! It could be starting a new relationship or taking a very bold step on a matter. Whatever it is you should do, go ahead and do it. A little courage leads to more! Oh, observe those poor souls who are without courage. They merely tip-toe through life hoping that they make it safely to death. You and I were never meant to live that way. Learn to live the way you like by no longer living as you dislike.

Close with Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “To reach a port, we must sail- sail, not tie at anchor – sail, not drift.” Tell the devil and circumstances daily: “MY NAME IS COURAGE ” and Shame shall be far from you in Jesus name amen and amen.

Tomorrow is the continuation of the 7-Sundays programme titled: 55 Secrets of uncommon success – the Story Behind the Glory Venue Manna Mountain, Ogudu Orioke, Lagos. Lekki Mountain will be connected, Time: 8.00 am.

ODM Devotional For Champions 3 May 2019 – BENCHMARKING SECRET!

Prayer Points: Our Daily Manna (May 4, 2019)

Take Song 1: There is not a friend …

  1. There is no courage without fear! I decree: My name is COURAGE! I receive grace to be courageous in life. I bind fear now in Jesus name
  2. I shall not tip-toe or crawl to my grave. Lord, I must not die wasted. Pour fresh courage upon me again in Jesus name.
  3. Pray about today as led now!
  4. War Against Haman 14 prayer points HERE

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Matilda Phiri
Matilda Phiri
5 years ago

Powerful message. I shall fear nomore

Kemi Durojaiye
Kemi Durojaiye
5 years ago

God will continue to bless this calling sir. 2006 till date this devotion has kept me going and I keep blessing people with it.

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