ODM For April 5 2018 By Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe

ODM For April 5 2018 By Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe



There are two things that love does: Love gives, and love forgives .When you reach out to someone in forgiveness, it doesn’t mean that you approve of what he/she has done. That It doesn’t mean that you want them to do it again. Reaching out in forgiveness means that you want to be a channel through which flows to them.

ODM For April 5 2018 By Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe

ODM For April 5 2018 By Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe

That is why the Holy Ghost is saying to a user of today’s devotional: there are two great RIVERS THAT CAUSE LOVE TO FLOW into the hearts of men and women; the RIVER of giving of forgiveness .The world is filled with lots of heartaches and pains today because these TWO RIVERS with enough garbage.

Someone said, holding on to hurt and wishing/praying that something bad happens to the persons that has hurt you is like drinking poison and hoping that another person dies. UNFORGIVENESS is poisonous, and it is demonic tools designed to stop you from your DECORATION.YOU ARE THE ONE IT HURTS; NOT THE PERSON THAT HAS HURT YOU!

Refuse to drink that poison! Note this bitter reality: when you continue being bitter and plan for REVENGE, you put yourself in God’s position because He says: vengeance is mine! Vengeance is not yours! UNFORGIVENESS is an EMOTIONAL TAKEOVER OF AUTHORITY FROM GOD! It is ascending to God’s throne to make you a judge! Wow! Can you ascend to his throne to take over his role and go scot free? NEVER! Oh!

ODM For April 5 2018 By Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe

You are not the one who should dictate consequences for those who sinned against you! It is not your job to make sure they feel appropriate amounts of guilt’s for what they have done. God will do it for you if you refused to be KIDDNAPPED BY YOUIR PAST! Remember JOSEHPH! Let go and let God!

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PRAYER PIONTS: Take song 1: TIS so sweet…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. I shall not be kidnapped by my past! I releases everyone who has hurt me in any way (mention the name of any one that has come to your mind now) I forgive them, I pray for their peace and welfare. ( pray this seriously)
3. I receive INTERNAL healings and peace from any kind of hurt today. In Jesus name. Pray about today as led. Now. See page 7 and pray the morning, afternoon and evening devotional prayers.


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Agnes Asiedu-Minta
Agnes Asiedu-Minta
6 years ago

Thanks for Today’s devotional. I Struggle with hurts by people I love sometimes. God bless you.

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