ODM For Champions April 2020 Day 28 – BURNT TO DEATH!

ODM For Champions April 2020 Day 28



The late Archbishop Benson Idahosa said the following: “I went to a city, and some press men had arranged for a woman to hide in my hotel room. I went to bed, started sleeping. Two hours later, somebody had mental problem in the wardrobe, screaming, Fire fire fire. I woke up and I asked myself, “Where is fire? I checked the bathroom because I didn’t think anybody could be in the wardrobe. When she was crying “Fire fire fire, I’m burning, I’m burning, I heard the sound, I opened the main entrance door and I saw nothing! Read top OMD Daily &  Everyday TOPICS – CLICK HERE

ODM For Champions April 2020 Day 28
Our Daily Manna ODM April 2020

ODM For Champions April 2020 Day 28

Then I finally decided to open the wardrobe, and there was the woman, all her shirt burnt with fire. She came out, all her shirt torn, injuries all over her skin. I asked her, “How come all these? She said Press men gave me money to hide in the wardrobe, that when you start sleeping, I should come out of the wardrobe and lie with you, so they can say you committed adultery. She was taken to the hospital seven days later and she died. Touch not my anointed Wow! What a world of mysteries! What a world of wickedness! What a world full of “PHD” life’s arrows! PHD” here means PULL HIM DOWN (PHD) or PULL HER DOWN (PHD) arrows! Why would another man plant a woman to tempt and pull down another man? Oh! I remember that the enemies of Daniel also set him up and waited to see him fall.

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ODM For Champions April 2020 Day 28 – BURNT TO DEATH!

The enemies of the LORD Jesus even waited to CATCH HIM in His speech- His words. Mark 12: 13 says: “And they send unto Him certain of the Pharisees and of the Herodians, to catch Him in His words.” So the people were sent to WATCH HIM MAKE A MISTAKE! Luke 20: 20 puts it eagerly this way: “And they watched Him, and sent forth spies, which should feign themselves just men, that they might take hold of His words, that so they might deliver Him unto the power and authority of the governor. THEY SENT SPIES! Oh man! It was a case of whatever you say will be used in evidence against you in a court of law” Unfortunately, this is a wicked bus-stop any man or woman with a great star must pass through – people VERY CLOSE to you will LIE against you and look for your downfall!!

I have passed through it many times! Use today’s devotional to ask the Holy GHOST FIRE to consume any secret plan to disgrace you. ODM For Champions April 2020 Day 28 – BURNT TO DEATH!

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  1. Pray about today’s devotional as it has touched you.
  2. Scatter every satanic plan to DISGRACE YOU.
  3. Lord, arise and stop the plans of my haters! Holy GHOST
    fire, BURN every EVIL SPY peeping into my destiny. JUST IN “The Law Of Honor – UNDERSTAND THIS AND YOU WILL RISE”
  4. Declare Psalm 25 now and 3 times this week at 12 midnight! (wherever you see Israel, PUT YOUR NAME).
  5. Pray about today as led now. ODM For Champions April 2020 Day 28 – BURNT TO DEATH!


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