ODM TODAY 15 February 2020



Welcome to today’s devotional! The Holy Ghost has been emphasizing to a user of this devotional that – 1. God does not waste a CRISIS! He does not allow you to pass through pain for HIM to have fun! He allows battles as SCHOOLS OF ELEVATION! 2. THERE IS NO PALACE WITHOUT THE PIT! So anytime you are in a MESS, know that God is about to reveal a MESSAGE to you! Anytime you go through a TRIAL, know that your TRIUMPH party is in view! And anytime you go through a setback, demotion phase, stagnation, failure and delay, know that therein lies your ELEVATION ROCKET! Joseph had a dream but he had to pass through the PIT ELEVATION SCHOOL in order to get there! As you journey through this year 2020, learn from that! The Holy Ghost also wants you to note the following lessons from the popular PIT ELEVATION SCHOOL (PES): 1. The PIT is a place where you feel/think that God doesn’t love you anymore!

ODM TODAY 15 February 2020
ODM TODAY 15 February 2020

ODM TODAY 15 February 2020

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Before Joseph was thrown into the pit, his coat of many colours was removed from him and they soaked it with animal blood which they Killed. Remember that, THAT COAT OF MANY COLOURS WAS A SPECIAL GIFT FROM JACOB HIS FATHER and it REMINDED HIM OF HIS FATHER’S LOVE! But that coat was taken from him and there was no more evidence of his father’s love! I can imagine him asking as I did many years ago: Where is father’s love? Where is family? They said, “We shall tell our father that an animal devoured him.” So, the PIT is a place where you feel/think/ask – “WHERE IS MY FATHER’S LOVE? WHERE IS GOD IN ALL THIS! NO MATTER what you are going through, NEVER DOUBT YOUR FATHER – JEHOVAH’s LOVE! I am instructed to prophesy to you: Before this QUARTER is over, your Father’s love shall be VISIBLE with EVIDENCE OF ELEVATION again!

Note this: IF YOU WERE THE PERSON ON EARTH, JESUS WOULD STILL HAVE DIED FOR YOU! There were about 1.2 billion people on earth when Jesus died. Today the world is about 8 billion people. So Jesus died for those who were not even born then. So when you get into a battle where it seems that God has forgotten you, always remember, HIS LOVE IS EVERLASTING! May you see His love today/daily as you go out this year! Pray now! For further study, see Romans 8:31-39; Ephesians 2:4; 3:19.


TODAY IS ASABA ANOINTING SERVICE! Be at the Great International Asaba Special Anointing Service today. Time: 8.00 am. Venue: CENOTAPH. Theme: “ALL SATANIC CAGES MUST BURN: THE HERO IN ME MUST RISE!” ODM TODAY 15 February 2020 – HE ASKED: WHERE IS MY FATHER’S LOVE?

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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 3: Blessed assurance… –  CLICK HERE
1. Lord, I thank you because my life and ministry shall not end up in the pit of life.
2. Father, extend Your Love to me in this PIT EXPERIENCE and bring me out in Jesus name.
3. UPROOT DEPRESSION NOW (do it for 7 days)!
4. O Lord, I shall sing the song of David this year by fire – Psalm 40: 2-3.
5. LORD, the pit rejected Joseph. O PIT OF LIFE; reject and vomit my destiny now by fire.
6. I shall end up in the palace of my destiny in Jesus name. ODM TODAY 15 February 2020 – HE ASKED: WHERE IS MY FATHER’S LOVE?

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