ODM TODAY February 16 2018 – Time is on your side!

ODM TODAY February 16 2018

TOPIC- Time is on your side! by Bishop Dr. Chris

Basic Scripture: Psalm 40: 1-10

I remember the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, who
quipped, ‘’I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end’’.

ODM TODAY February 16 2018

Yes! Patience was one of her secrets to so much success! Note that impatience and hurry
can become your decoration stoppers this year! Indeed the whole world today is in a
hurry! We know share the most intimate information via email, instant messaging, snap
chat and text to get a quick message out! Our televisions host literally hundreds of
stations and programs to choose from so we don’t need to wait for our entertainment!
We can like an article or a YouTube video and create fame for its publisher overnight!
Revolutions can come about almost spontaneously from posts on Twitter. ODM TODAY February 16 2018

ODM TODAY February 16, 2018 – Time is on your side!

Ask Donald Trump! We have instant hot, microwave-prepared meals of every cuisine type to speed
up our food preparation; no need to make a homemade meal from the scratch. In fact, I
heard of speed dating recently. Wow! You can now date and marry in a hurry! But the
Holy Spirit is saying to user of today’s devotional that no matter what is happening
around your life and ministry, you are not defeated till you lose your patience! The
slogan of the US Army of Engineers is, ‘’the difficult we do immediately! The impossible
takes a little longer.’’ Give God time! Yes, God can do anything and take you over the
mountains that seem impossible, but you must be patient. Patience and time are
necessary for your heart’s desires to manifest.

Determine to be patient this year/beyond! Keep seeing the possibilities around you. After the storm comes the rainbow. After the dry season comes the rain! After Defeat, another chance is available!
After sin comes forgiveness! After the night comes the day! Problems are guidelines not
stop lines! Refuse to rush ahead out of fear! Time is on your side because God owns
time! Ask Sarah, Abraham or Zachariah/Elizabeth! Note Vs1 of today’s 1 st scripture: I
waited patiently for the Lord…Trust God! Refuse to give up! STILL WAIT FOR HIM!
Time and God are miracle workers! Wait I say, on the Lord! Pray now!

ODM TODAY February 16 2018

The Asaba special anointing services starts today Friday 16 th ,6pm and ends tomorrow
Saturday 17 th , 8am.Theme is: HERO TO ZERO ARROW: RETURN TO SENDER!
Venue is the CENOTAPH.

I shall lay hands on everyone in AGREEMENT PRAYER to
begin the year! Call 08034907299 or 08033461818 for details. watch Our daily manna TV Here


Take any song of worship as led.
1. Lord, baptize me with the fire of patience in Jesus name.
2. I refuse to die in regrets/depression! God and Time are on my side in Jesus
name (Declare it for 3 days).
3. Lord, let my life and ministry become your 2018 SHOW ROOM in Jesus
name(Pray it seriously today)!


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