Our Daily Manna 26 October 2019 – DO WHAT YOU CAN DO! LAZARUS WILL RISE AGAIN!

Our Daily Manna 26 October 2019



Millions of people are waiting for God to move on their behalf, while God is waiting for them to make a move. God’s power is always released when a man performs his role. Do what you can do, and God will do what you can’t do. Moses could stretch out the rod, but he could not part the Red Sea! That was God’s job and duty. Mary and Martha could roll away the stone but they could not raise Lazarus from the dead.

Our Daily Manna 26 October 2019
ODM 2019

Our Daily Manna 26 October 2019

That was Jesus’ area of specialization. Isaac could sow in the land during a time of famine, but he could not make his crops yield fruit. That was the responsibility of Jehovah Overdo. Indeed, For Every Miracle That You Desire, God Has A Role And You Have A Role! When you step out in faith to play your part, God will perform His own part and you will see the victory you desire.

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As 2019 ends, step out in faith and do what you can do. Reject fear or procrastination! The LORD is saying to 27,900 users of today’s devotional: “Fear not! YOU CAN STILL DO SOMETHING! It is NOT and NEVER too late! Focus on Me and allow Me to MAKE IT HAPPEN!” Oh, thank you Lord Jesus! So, no matter how this year has been, hold on in faith to your God and refuse to give up now!

Remember as I repeat this as led: For Every Miracle That You Desire, God Has A Role And You Have A Role! Mary And Martha Could Roll Away The Stone But They Could Not Raise Lazarus From The Dead. That Was Jesus’ Area Of Specialization. You are next to do something by faith! Roll away that stone! He will roll away SHAME! Our Daily Manna 26 October 2019 – DO WHAT YOU CAN DO! LAZARUS WILL RISE AGAIN!

Don’t miss the anointing service of this weekend! Theme: THIS LAZARUS MUST RISE AGAIN! See you this Saturday, 7am at Ogudu Mountain, Lagos! Yes! In life, the greatest FORTUNE is sometimes called MISFORTUNE! That IMPOSSIBLE battle will bow to the anointing! Hold on! Hold out! Pray now!

Our Daily Manna 26 October 2019

Today is Lagos (Ogudu) Anointing Service! TIME: 8am-11.30am. Theme: “THIS LAZARUS MUST RISE AGAIN” WOMEN DELIVERANCE SERVICE IS TOMORROW, Sunday 27th October, 2019! Venue: Ogudu Mountain, Ogudu Orioke, Lagos. I shall lay hands on the heads, the hands and wombs of all ladies/women present!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: It is well with my soul… Worship God with your best song of worship now.

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  1. You demonic delays holding back my testimonies, be terminated now in Jesus name (Pray it for 3 days). Our Daily Manna 26 October 2019 – DO WHAT YOU CAN DO! LAZARUS WILL RISE AGAIN!
  2. I rejoice! That battle will end! Lazarus must RISË gain! Lord, disappoint the expectation of my haters in Jesus name!

  3. Pray about the Anointing service and pray about today! Prepare to be there! WOW! THE BEST GIFT! ODM IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY, WEDDING, ANNIVERSARY OR EVENT GIFT ITEM. USE IT ALWAYS!

Our Daily Manna 26 October 2019 – DO WHAT YOU CAN DO! LAZARUS WILL RISE AGAIN!

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