Our Daily Manna 27 JUNE 2022 – WHO IS YOUR HERO?

Our Daily Manna 27 JUNE 2022


Daily Manna ODM
Daily Manna ODM

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Our Daily Manna 27 JUNE 2022 – WHO IS YOUR HERO? Years ago, I wrote on this. I am led to write on it again! Welcome to today’s devotional! There was a mild drama at the naming ceremony of the fifth child of an influential Muslim leader in Ibadan Nigeria, when he named the baby after the then most wanted man on earth, the late Osama Bin Laden.

Guests at the ceremony expressed surprise and shock when the name of the child was mentioned. Initially they thought he was joking, but to their surprise, he brought out souvenirs and stickers with the name already printed on them. Afraid of being labeled, “terrorist”, most of the guests immediately left the party. The father of the child said that Bin Laden was his hero!

Our Daily Manna 27 JUNE 2022 – WHO IS YOUR HERO?

He said the late Bin Laden had stood for fairness and he decided to name his child after him. I sincerely pray that we would not start seeing airplanes being used as bombs in Africa! Recently, another man said his hero was a notable kidnapper in my Wow!

Oh! The heart of man! However, the crucial questions as you go through life are: Who is your hero? Who are the people you love and hope to copy if necessary? Hebrews 12:2a (Amplified Bible): “Looking away from all that will distract to Jesus, who is the leader and the source of our faith (giving the first incentive for our belief) and is also it’s finisher (bringing it to maturity and perfection).”

Wow! Jesus said, “Follow me and I will make you…”(Mark. 1:17). Romans 8:29 declares that: “For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son.” God wants you to make Jesus your hero! Not even your pastor should be your hero because he is human and can fail!

Our Daily Manna 27 JUNE 2022 – WHO IS YOUR HERO?

As you follow Jesus, may someone desire to make you his or her hero! You must constantly ask yourself these questions: “Who am I around?” “What are they doing for me?” “What have they got me reading?” “What have they got me saying?” “Where do they have me going?” “What do they have me thinking?”

And most importantly, “What do they have me becoming?” Then ask yourself this question: “Is that okay?” As 2022 progresses, determine that your life will not BRING SHAME TO THE LORD! Determine to be the “JESUS” others can see daily on earth. I prophesy: Your life, family and ministry will end with a DIVINE SURPRISE song in Jesus name! Amen and amen! REMEMBER, THIS IS THE MONTH OF MERCY!

Our Daily Manna 27 JUNE 2022 – WHO IS YOUR HERO?

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PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 1: My hope is built….

  1. Lord, help me to follow You farther more than ever!

  2. I decree: My life will NOT bring shame to the LORD this year!

  3. Dear Lord, make me a hero to my generation and Lord, transform me till Your image is perfected in me (Pray it 21 times today). Our Daily Manna 27 JUNE 2022 – WHO IS YOUR HERO?

  4. Lord, shake away from my life and ministry every wrong human influence (Pray it well).

  5. Pray about your life generally as you are led now! Our Daily Manna 27 JUNE 2022 – WHO IS YOUR HERO?

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