Our Daily Manna 29 January 2019 – THE FLYDUBAI PILOT 1

Our Daily Manna 29 January 2019


Basic Scripture: Hebrews 10:1-18

FLYDUBAI (otherwise known as Dubai Aviation Corporation) is a government – owned low – cost airline with its head office and flight operation in Terminal 2 of Dubai international airport. The airline operation between a total of 95 destinations, serving the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe from Dubai. The airline was established in July 2008 by the Government of Dubai.

Our Daily Manna 29 January 2019
new our daily manna 2019

Our Daily Manna 29 January 2019

However, sometime very intriguing happened. A FLYDUBAI staffer noticed that the pilot who was to fly the plane seemed to be under the influence of alcohol and made a report. With the help of security official, the pilot ,a senior captain, was taken by TIA authorities to hospital for a medical check-up .In the hospital, a Breathalyzer (breathe analyzer ) test showed that he had consumed alcohol.

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Following this, the airline issued this statement: “While reporting for duty, a pilot scheduled to operate FZ8018 from Kathmandu (KTM) to Dubai (DXB) was suspected by a colleague to be under the influence of alcohol. The crew member was immediately tested and discovered to have a blood alcohol level above the legally accepted level and therefore was immediately deemed unfit to fly.” Thank you Holy Ghost! TOPIC: THE FLYDUBAI PILOT

1: I SHALL NOT CARRY ANOTHER PERSON’S CROSS THIS YEAR!What would have happened if the PILOT”S alcohol consumption was not discovered before take off! Remember he was a respected senior Captain! Open your mouth now and pray the following prayers before you go out today : 1. Lord, EXPOSE every year in Jesus name. 2. Holy ghost, EXPOSE every HIDDEN PLAN to disrupt my destiny in Jesus name. 3. Our Daily Manna 29 January 2019 – THE FLYDUBAI PILOT 1

My father God, EXPOSE! EXPOSE! EXPOSE every HAMAN planning my death this year! 4. LORD GOD. Don’t allow the MISTAKE of other to CUT SHORT MY STORY TO GLORY testimony. 5. LORD., REVEAL the SECRET of my haters and STOP them in Jesus name 6. LORD, help those you have sent to take me higher! Help my helpers! Help them in their battles! Thank you Lord for this great day and this great week and year in Jesus name! it was the death of ONE that brought us good news (Vs 14v of today’s scripture)! It was also the MISTAKE of one woman –Eve, that brought our disgrace!

ASABA 2019: SATANIC SALOONS ARE IN TROUBLE! The great international Asabi special anointing service is Friday February 8th and Saturday 9th February, 2019. Friday is 6pm . Saturday 7.30am. Venue is the CENOTAPH. Theme: “SATANIC SALOONS: CATCH FIRE! MY HAIR (GLORY) CANNOT BE SHAVED in 2019!” I SHALL NOT CARRY ANOTHER PERSON’S CROSS THIS YEAR!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take song 5: when the morning comes …
In your own words pray about today’s word as led now. I SHALL NOT CARRY ANOTHER PERSON’S CROSS THIS YEAR!
Pray the above prayers SERIOUSLY AGAIN!

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  1. Amen and amen

  2. I cancel embarrassment and intimidation of the enemy this day and beyond. Am not caring another person’s cross anymore. Thank you Jesus

  3. I release any cross of anyone I’m carrying knowingly or unknowingly in Jesus Christ name Amen

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