Our Daily Manna Devotional 28 January 2019 – THE TWO HOLY GHOST NUGGETS!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 28 January 2019


Basic Scriptures: EXODUS 1: 12; Samuel 30: 1-19

Welcome to this hour of grace with the God in this STORY TO GLORY HOUR! The Holy Ghost wants you to note the following two nuggets as you go out today:

Our Daily Manna Devotional 28 January 2019
odm 2019 devotional

Our Daily Manna Devotional 28 January 2019

1.NOT ALL STORMS COME TO DISRUPT YOUR LIFE! SOME COME TO CLEAR YOUR PATHWAY! The Lord the Lord is showing me that He is speaking to 347, 000 ODM users worldwide today. This message is for you! See exodus 1: 12: “But the more thay afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew.”

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Did you get that? The allowed storm, the allowed battle, hatred , affliction, or delay, etc, was allowed by God to MULTIPLY and GROW them! Yes, in 2019, you must always (daily) catch this: Not all storms come to disrupt your life! some come to clear your pathway! How can a load become your LADDER? ONLY GRACE CAN DO THAT! How can a burden become a blessing? Ah! Only GRACE can do that! How can pain become your gain? That is the meaning of amazing grace! How can a rejection turn to a mighty selection? It’s GRACE! Grace! Only GRACE and that grace will speak for you this year! Amen!

2.SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO GET KNOCKED DOWN LOWER THAN YOU HAVE EVER BEEN, TO STAND BACK TALLER THAN YOU EVER WHERE! Yes, the downfall of a man is not the end of that man. So, when you are down or you have made mistakes, that brought you down, always remember that the harder you fall, the HIFGER you BOUNCE! Always remember that with God, a knock down is not a knock out! You must encourage yourself as David did in 1 Samuel 30 because you best days are still Ahead! Our Daily Manna Devotional 28 January 2019 – THE TWO HOLY GHOST NUGGETS!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 28 January 2019

Did he not rise again after losing all to the Amelekites? I see a great testimony and I see you moving from STORY to GLORY if you hold on and trust Him! Oh, there is NO SHAME in your divine gene! Amen!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take song 4: My hope is built…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. God of David, cause me to recover all! Cause me to rise and rise higher! I cancel DEMOTION and satanic loses NOW!

3. LORD GOD, turn every Valley Of Weeping (Baca) to my GLORY STORY! See PASTORAL SECRETS IN PAGE 88! Our Daily Manna Devotional 28 January 2019 – THE TWO HOLY GHOST NUGGETS!
4. I cancel SHAME and PAIN! Holy Ghost, do the incredible and the impossible in my life/ministry this year in Jesus name.
5. Pray about today and about that battle confronting you! GIVE HIM THANKS! Our Daily Manna Devotional 28 January 2019 – THE TWO HOLY GHOST NUGGETS!

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  1. Oh thank you God that my knock down with you is not my knock out!!
    To you alone be all the glory!!
    God bless you Bishop and all odm crew.

  2. Pĺenseh D. Paye-McClain

    The word today has taught me it is not all delay or disappointment is there for my shame but it is for my rising. Hallelujah.

  3. I thank God for my 21 days prayer and fasting and I believe that my story is changing to glory.

  4. To you ELOHIM I give all the glory! !! Thank you father. ..my losses will never go unaware…my FATHER is working out things for me. …

  5. No matter the storm my trust is you. I know that am not forgotten. Thank you father am bouncing back !

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