Our Daily Manna 30 December 2018 – THE HIDDEN SECRET OF PERSUASION!

Our Daily Manna 30 December 2018


Basic Scriptures: Romans 4: 16-25

Welcome to this glorious moment with Jehovah God who can never forsake His own people. You have two more days for this year to end and a most powerful reassurance that you have in the Word of God is that He will never leave you nor forsake you. No matter what you do or don’t do, HE WILL NEVER NEGLECT YOU. Hear what Paul says in Verse 21: “FOR I AM PERSUADED..” To persuade means to succeed in convincing somebody to do something, especially by reasoning, pleading, or coaxing! You can be persuaded by deep meditation on a given situation or event! Read here Our Daily Manna 29 December 2018 – “3 KINDS OF PEOPLE!

Our Daily Manna 30 December 2018

Our Daily Manna 30 December 2018

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A man or woman who is persuaded is unstoppable! Situation of life cannot move him/her! Come rain, come shine, he/she is PERSUADED. He/she is like the man/woman in Psalm 125 UNMOVABLE AND UNSHAKABLE! Take time today to meditate on the love of God and His unfailing promises to you (See page 38 and 39 of this booklet for  “Click → HIS UNFAILING PROMISES“). Meditate in His ever abiding presence! NOTHING CAN SEPARATE YOU FROM THE LOVE OF GOD. And if nothing can separate you from the love of God, then nothing can stop His promises from becoming a reality in your life, family and ministry.

No matter how 2018 has been, you need to be persuaded that WHATEVER GOD HAS PROMISED TO DO. HE WILL DO. Until Abraham reached this point of FULL PERSUASION, he could not give birth to Isaac! Your own ISAAC (Laughter and miracle) will not come until you are PERSUADED! Romans 4: 20-21 tells us that Abraham, “waxes strong in faith, giving glory to God, BEING FULLY PERSUADED THAT WHAT HE HAD PROMISED, HE WAS ABLE TO PERFORM IT!”

Our Daily Manna 30 December 2018

You need to get to that same point where you boldly stand before the mountains and Goliaths of life and declare the word: “The year is ending but I know my God is able to handle this. He is not a weak God! He is the mighty Man in battle.” Hear David Nicholas, “God’s promises are like stars; the darker the night, the brighter they shine.” Put those promises in your mouth and keep them there. The miracle you are trusting God for begins in your mouth. Oh! Get my book: “BULLETS IN YOUR MOUTH” and resist depression/discouragement!

Your season is now! Your season to move from STORY to GLORY is now! Hold on! BE PERSUADED! Hold out! (Click → See the Promises today). Pray now!

End of 2018 is not the end of your destiny! Oh! I see 2019 and THE LORD told me it is your era of moving from STORY to GLORY! More details in the next ODM! Get your copy and refuse to give up now! Our Daily Manna 30 December 2018 – THE HIDDEN SECRET OF PERSUASION!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: When the morning comes…
1. Pray about today’s word as led now. Our Daily Manna 30 December 2018 – THE HIDDEN SECRET OF PERSUASION!
2. I receive GRACE/DISCIPLINE to mediate to the Word daily.
3. Like Abraham, I shall be FULLY PERSUADED! Satan has failed concerning my destiny!

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