Our Daily Manna 6 January 2019 – HOLY GHOST, SHOW ME THEIR PILLARS

Our Daily Manna 6 January 2019


Basic Scriptures: Judges 16: 25-29; Psalm 11: 1-3

Judges 16: 29 says, “And Samson took hold of the two middle pillars which supported the temple, and he braced himself against them, one on his right and one on his left.” If you must be victorious over your stubborn adversaries in 2019, you must ask the Holy Ghost to show you their pillars. Their pillars talk about their support, their backers, their powerbase, their helpers, their partners in wickedness, their protection, the brain and weight behind their wickedness, oppression, etc, being done to you.

Our Daily Manna 6 January 2019

Our Daily Manna 6 January 2019

Psalm 11: 3 says: “If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? So, IF THE RIGHTEOUS HAVE A FOUNDATION (PILLAR), then the wicked also have foundations and pillars! Just that there are pillars holding, supporting and sustaining your life and ministry, so also do the wickedness and attacks targeted at you by your enemies and adversaries have their origin or support pillars. Until their pillars are located, broken and brought down, until their pillars are revealed and uprooted, you may continue to tell old stories instead of enjoying and swimming in fresh glory.”

Until these pillars are violently pulled down and scattered, your testimonies, breakthroughs, dreams, desires and glory may never manifest. Unless they are discovered and destroyed, your due season may never arrive. These pillars are the reason you are still struggling with that affliction, depression, suppression, curse, covenant, humiliation, etc. But today, and all through this 2019 fasting programme, they shall be rooted out in Jesus name. At the end of this fasting programme, be at the WORLD ANOINTING NIGHT of JANUARY 25th, 7pm.

Our Daily Manna 6 January 2019

You will come with SAND from you community, ancestral home, city, business places, etc. It is your night of burying STORIES and SHAME! Start to dance now! DON’T WAIT FOR THE STORM TO PASS! DANCE IN THE STORM because you are moving from your season of storytelling into your season of glory showcasing in Jesus name. Pray now from “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 14”

Today is the 2ND DAY of the 21-day fasting programme! See page 22 → CLICK HERE of “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 14” booklet for today’s prayers! Determine to be the World Anointing Night of January 25th , 2019 with your POINTS OF CONTACT! Our Daily Manna 6 January 2019 – HOLY GHOST, SHOW ME THEIR PILLARS

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 5: When the morning comes…
1. Sing songs of praise and worship to your God now.
2. Daniel 2: 22; O God who knows what is in the dark, show me my enemies’ pillars this year in Jesus name. Our Daily Manna 6 January 2019 – HOLY GHOST, SHOW ME THEIR PILLARS

3. This is my STORY TO GLORY year! Lord, show me their pillars in Jesus name.
4. I reject sorrow this year! Lord, show me their pillars by fire! Don’t miss this – “REJECT THE TRAP OF TWO ALTARS!
5. Pray about today and pray the above “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 14” prayers now! Our Daily Manna 6 January 2019 – HOLY GHOST, SHOW ME THEIR PILLARS


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