Our Daily Manna Devotional Friday-July 2018 Day 6 – TOPIC: THEIR REDEEMER IS STRONG!

Our Daily Manna Devotional Friday-July 2018 Day 6



As I was ministering in the power of the Spirit at the 2018 January World Anointing Night TBS, I was led to enter into the crowd and as soon as a young lady saw me, she began to run and shout and I asked them to hold her. As my Master Jesus would do, I asked the demon in her, “Who are you?” She said “I am her grandmother.” I asked again, “Why are you holding her captive? Why?” The demon replied: “She must not use that glory; she will not use that glory.

Our Daily Manna Devotional Friday-July 2018 Day 6

Our Daily Manna Devotional Friday-July 2018 Day 6

She will not go to school; she will not go to school.” And I asked “So you have been the one responsible for her educational battles?” She said “YES.” “Grand ma, what did her mother do to you?” I asked. She replied, “I told her not to marry my son, but she won’t listen.” ODM For Champions 6 July 2018 – THEIR REDEEMER IS STRONG!

It was a drama that held the last ANOINTING NIGHT SPELL BOUND! Truly, the mother of the young lady ran out to affirm all that was said and revealed that night! She said her marriage had collapsed 13 years ago but the witchcraft power of her mother-in-law was still after them!

Oh! What a wicked world! But thank God for THE SUPER POWER – Jesus, the great Deliverer! He shall bring you out of every witchcraft invasion and oppression in this 14-day fasting programme and at the End of Fast World Anointing Service of July 21st 2018 taking place at OGUDU ORIOKE LAGOS NIGERIA, 7AM! “Their Redeemer is strong; the LORD of hosts is His name: He shall thoroughly plead their cause, that He may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon.”

Our Daily Manna Devotional Friday-July 2018 Day 6

Note: “THEIR REDEEMER IS STRONG!” Yes! Those waiting to announce your desecration shall become the publishers of your decoration story! Yes! Because your Redeemer is strong, any power/personality on a deadly mission against you; their obituaries shall be announced before the end of this year/fasting programme. You will end 2018 with a great, divine, positive bang because YOUR REDEEMER IS STRONG!

Pray seriously now! PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song to your Maker now.
1. MY REDEEMER IS STRONG! Every power holding me captive must surrender by fire.
2. MY REDEEMER IS STRONG! Witchcraft invasion and oppression, expire now by fire. Our Daily Manna Devotional Friday-July 2018 Day 6 – THEIR REDEEMER IS STRONG!

3. Let every evil calendar manipulating my life burn to ashes now! Pastors/Ministers see page 88 → CLICK HERE  always!

4. Pray in Tongues seriously concerning your salvation and any issue affecting your peace.
5. Pray about today seriously as led now. See pages 7-9 → Click here


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