Our Daily Manna November Day 28 – TOPIC: JUST LET IT GO!

Our Daily Manna November Day 28


Basic Scripture: Luke 17: 1-10

On July 1st, 2003, a man walked up to the front of the house of Kai Leigh Harriott, and fired three rounds of shots into the house. One of those bullets hit her as she was seated on the floor in the house with her older sister. The bullet shattered her spine and permanently paralyzed her from the chest down. SHE WAS JUST TWO YEARS OLD! Read here ODM Daily 27 November 2018 – “REVISITED! SECRETS UNCOVERED!

Our Daily Manna November Day 28

Our Daily Manna November Day 28

Three years later in a courtroom, she was asked if she had anything to say to the man that had shot her and paralyzed her for life. The girl looked straight at the man who fired the bullet and told him, “What you did to me was wrong, but I still forgive you.” Those words were heavy and no one expected it! Everyone in the courtroom fought hard to hold back tear. She refused to be a victim! She refused to sell her future to the hurt of the past.

Hurt and bitterness are terrible baggages you cannot afford to carry into your future. They will weigh you down and derail you. Let them go! If someone has offended you, let it go! If someone spoke something terrible or nasty to you or about you, LET IT GO! If a trusted friend disappointed you, when you least expected it, LET IT GO! Today’s scripture, Vs 3 is loaded: “Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.”

Did you get that? As 2018 ends, you need to understand this: Your future and your greatness in life is not tied to how people treat you today. IT IS HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE! Don’t seek REVENGE because THERE IS ALREADY a “WOE” (a curse) on those who deliberately fight you (See Vs 1 of today’s scripture NOW)! Wow! So, regardless of how people treat you or don’t treat you, carry yourself like an overcomer! BE QUICK TO FORGIVE AND LET THE HURT GO EVEN WHEN IT DOES NOT LOOK THAT QUICK AND EASY!

Our Daily Manna November Day 28

Oh, the Holy Ghost has been emphasizing FORGIVENESS in this last quarter of this devotional – there must be a reason why; the LORD wants your testimony to be UNSTOPPABLE! Let the hurt of the past go and move forward into the glorious future that God has for you! Amen!
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PRAYER POINTS: Take your best worship song to God.
1. Pray seriously about today’s devotional as led now. Our Daily Manna November Day 28 – TOPIC: JUST LET IT GO!
2. Lord, I receive Your healing balm in my soul today. Let it set me totally free from every hurtful experience in my past.

3. Lord, let Your Precious Blood work in me and cleanse me from ugly memories of the past. I receive my deliverance and victory in Jesus name (Pray it for 2 days).
4. I scatter every END-OF-YEAR EVIL NEWS in Jesus name. Pray about today as led. Loose SPEED upon your testimony! Our Daily Manna November Day 28 – TOPIC: JUST LET IT GO!


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Omosigho Evelyn Diamond.
Omosigho Evelyn Diamond.
5 years ago

Good morning to daddy Chris.. I love to say that the over emphasis on forgiveness for some time now is for my sake, and d miracles God has in store for me and my loved ones. Any program I go, this must be part of it in a very serious n emphatic manner. Jesus thank YOU!!! HOLY SPIRIT/ TRINITY!!! I THANK YOU!!! Pastor Bishop Chris, I thank God for your life! It has been a healing balm to my soul! And I pray for God to sustain this healing in me, because I live in d same house with those who hurt me, n they have refused to change let alone apology! That is where I need extra grace of God to cope n continue to forgive n let go. So pls continue to pray for me. My rest and trust is in HIM ALONE!!!

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