Our Daily Manna ODM 5 July 2019 – HAMAN IS AGAINST GLORY DANCE!

Our Daily Manna ODM 5 July 2019


Basic Scripture: Esther 2: 5-7; 7:5-10

Thank God for the year 2019 so far! That you are alive shows that ­God has not finished with you and He is up to something awesome concerning you! Remember that the LORD said that 2019 IS YOUR STORY to GLORY year! GLORY is defined as: “Something that secures praise or that commands respect!” It can also be defined as “a distinguished quality or asset!” And that is what God will do for you as this year runs to its zenith. You will be glorified for your past groaning!

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Our Daily Manna ODM 5 July 2019

Our Daily Manna ODM 5 July 2019

A little girl had suffered right from birth! She lost both parents (Mr. & Mrs. Abihail) and had to live with her uncle Mordecai! Esther 2:7 says, “she had neither father nor mother.,.” That is enough frustration for a young girl. She had grown up as a captive in a foreign land along with her uncle. That was her year of ordinary STORY, STORY amd STORIES! But in December 479 BC, she became the Queen of the most powerful empire at that time!

That was her GLORY SEASON! Who says that all your past pain and sacrifices are in vain? The truth is that if God made Esther to forget her losses, pain and sorrow, then that same God will do a work that will make you to forget all your past pain! Do you know that one miracle can wipe off your past ridicule? Do you know that one glorious visitation can erase all your past groanings? Oh, pray seriously now before continuing: 1. Lord, do for me what You did for the frustrated orphan Esther. 2. Oh Lord, GLORIFY me! Give me a miracle that will make me forget my past ridicule! Give me a sweet experience that will make me forget my past bitterness (Pray it for a while before continuing)!

Note that the only enemy of your STORY to GLORY dance is the enemy called “Haman.” Haman is the spiritual power that wants to tie you to your past – your STORY LAND! Haman wants you to taste frustration till you go to your grave! Haman hates to see you laugh! Haman wants to bathe you with bitter water -MARAH! Haman wants you to be stagnant and to be buned in a hum! But note this: The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor! Those who kneel to the Lord can Stand up to anything!

Our Daily Manna ODM 5 July 2019

If you kneel to the Lord in prayer/fasting, then Haman (enemies and obstacles to your GLORY will bow to your destiny! This second half of 2019 will carrv your GLORY hour as the wings of the EAGLE! Get the booklet: “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 14” and be prepared to join the WORLDWIDE 14-day fast from July 7th – July 20th. It can wipe out your past ridicule! Get “War Against Haman-14” booklet now! It contains the 14-day fasting prayers. Start praying “Prayers just

before any fasting programme” on page 107 of “War Against Haman-14” daily till July 7th

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of victory now!

  1. In your own words, pray seriously about today’s word now.

3.    Still pray again about your 2019 dreams! Lord, fight my battles! Thank you for the great testimonies ahead!

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  1. Fezeka Eunice Gxothiwe

    God in His faithfulness changes human rules. My husband the father of my 2 sons is divorcing me. We got our children out of wedlock. The first born was born in 1993 and the 2nd born in 1997. H e left me when the 1st born was 5 and the 2nd born was 1 yr 5 months for a widow who was even older than him. H e was never even involved in my children’s upbringing from birth. He came back when the 1st born was 13 and the last born was 9. By then I was already born again. he asked for my hand in marriage but I told him that he has to accept Jesus and be truly born again if he wants to be involved in his children’s lives as he was claiming to. The process took years and we finally got married in 2009. There was no joy as he was not even involved in family devotions and was always complaining and was attending church only when it suits him. I lost monies through him. I was the sole bread winner. My son didn’t his degree but by God’s grace when he left us in December things changed. My son now is back in University to do his last year after staying at home for 3 years. My 2nd born too did not go to university but now he too got an opportunity to go to Germany this year. I got the divorce papers on the 19th of June 2019. He stole a lot from me and is now demanding 50% of my pensions and 50% of all my assets although he stole a bakie and R200 000 from a business that failed. I am a principal of a school. I am Fezeka Gxothiwe from Tarkastad in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. He is originally from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. He is now staying with another woman. I told him that as he has a lawyer, I have an advocate who is Jesus Christ and my father is a righteous judge. Haman will be hanged in his own gallows that he prepared for me. This is my glory year. This nonsense will stop in Jesus name. Amen

  2. ODM has grown my faith thanku pastor may God bless you

  3. Fezeka the lord will fight your battles and you would hold your peace

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