Our Daily Manna ODM May 27 2019 – YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS – 2

Our Daily Manna ODM May 27 2019



Seiko Holdings Corporation, commonly known as SEIKO, is a leading Japanese company that manufactures and sells watches, clocks, electronics, etc. However many years ago – in the 1940s – the SWISS WRISTWATCH was the attraction of the world and about 80 per cent of the wrist watches sold in the world then were made in Switzerland.

ODM by Dr Chris
Our Daily Manna ODM May 27 2019

Our Daily Manna ODM May 27 2019

Ten years later (precisely in the late 50s), the digital watch was presented to the leaders of the Swiss Watch Company. They rejected and criticized the new idea because they had the best watches and were number one in watch business Stock Exchange worldwide. Just because they refused to grow, the man who gave them the idea had to sell it to another watch company – Seiko. Seiko developed the idea and were stronger than Swiss watches in shock resistance.

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SWISS watch companies however learnt their lesson and bounced back! hi looking at the history of Swiss watchmaking over the last 30 years, it’s clear that if the industry had not responded to the electronic revolution that was I coming, it would not be in the I profitable position it is today. Over half the value of the more than 500 I million watches sold worldwide 1 (roughly 80 percent are being made in Hong Kong and China) is generated by the Swiss watch industry, totalling more than eight billion Swiss francs. Wow! The truth about life is that there is always a greater room (level) than your present room (level).

Our Daily Manna ODM May 27 2019

Pride is the father of shame! Always determine that you will grow more than where you are now. Don’t reject an idea you are not familiar with. Hear John Patterson: “Only fools and dead men don’t change their minds. Fools won’t! Dead men can’t.” Pray therefore over every idea before dropping it if necessary! God is sending me to inform you that you are much more than where you are now. Your business/ministry is more than what they are now! Your prayer life/Bible study experiences are more than what they are now! You can give much more than you are doing now!

Yes, there are more lands to conquer and there are more rivers you must cross, but like Jabez, heaven wants you to cry out: “LORD, ENLARGE MY COAST!” Amen! Remember, next month is ODM ANNUAL MONTH OF MERCY! A month dedicated to do Charity work and show Practical Love. This should be done throughout JUNE 2019 wherever you are. It should involve visiting Orphanages, Hospitals, elderly people’s homes, etc.

Sow a SEED OF MERCY into UBA, ACCT. NO. 1021784230 NAME: ODM MERCY OUTREACH account visitation on page 29 of this booket to help our Orphanages, Hospitals, Elderly Homes, etc

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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: There’s not a friend…
1. Pray about today’s word as it has touched you now. Our Daily Manna ODM May 27 2019 – YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS – 2

  1. Lord, move my life, family and ministry forward and faster. Our Daily Manna ODM May 27 2019 – YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS – 2
  2. I am more than this. Help me Lord to make tangible progress from this week. (Pray it seriously).

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