Daily Manna 26 May 2019 – TOPIC: YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS – 1

Daily Manna 26 May 2019


BASIC SCRIPTURES: JUDGES 4:17-23; 5:1-3,24-27

Despite the fact that it was Jael – just a common housewife – that God used to root out Sisera, the war general and strongman of Hazor, her coast was not enlarged because Deborah and Barak the son of Abinoam, limited her by their blessings. Did you get that? Judges 5:24 says: “Blessed above women shall Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite be; blessed shall she be above women in the tents”.

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Daily Manna 26 May 2019

Daily Manna 26 May 2019

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Truly, she was blessed, but her blessing was specific (limited) to women in the tents (housewives) only. That means there are even prophetic blessings that can limit you! And thaf s why it’s good that you know the will of God for your life personally and not just depend on a man/ woman Of God! But do you know that Jael could have been greater than women in the tents? Was she not more than that? For a woman to have the extraordinary courage to kill a dreaded man/ war general like Sisera, she was more than just a woman in the tent. Pray that your life will not be limited!

Pray that God will break every limitation, because you are more than where you are now in life and ministry! Refuse to accept any stagnation, limitation or demotion. Determine that you will experience a supernatural STORY to GLORY move in the area of promotion this year! Hear Burke Hedges: “For things to get better, you have to get better! For things to change, you have to change!” Sante Boeve once said: ‘There are people whose watch stops at a certain hour and who remain permanently at that Stage.”

Daily Manna 26 May 2019

Cry out to God that you will not be a local champion. May your coast be enlarged after the order of Jabez because no matter your present level in life and ministry, you are much more than this! Pray seriously now! Remember, the 7-Sundays programme titled: 55 Secrets of uncommon success – the Story Behind the Glory continues today. Venue: Manna Mountain, Ogudu Orioke, Lagos. Lekki Mountain will always be connected. Time: 8.00 a.m

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PRAYER POINTS: Take your best song of worship to God.1. Pray about today’s word as it has touched you now. Daily Manna 26 May 2019 – TOPIC: YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS – 1

  1. Lord, enlarge my coast (Pray it well and seriously).
  2. Holy Ghost, let where I am today be the least in my life and ministry in Jesus name (Pray it seriously).

  3. I cannot be limited! Lord, promote me! Uproot stagnation!

  4. I scatter the council of diviners concerning my destiny enlargement in Jesus name (Pray it very well). Daily Manna 26 May 2019 – TOPIC: YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS – 1

  5. Pray seriously about your life as led now.

  6. Pray the morning, afternoon and evening devotional prayers today and daily. See pages 7-9.

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