Our Daily Manna Today 28 October 2018 – TOPIC: TABLES WILL TURN…

Our Daily Manna Today 28 October 2018


Basic Scriptures: Revelation 1: 9-20; Daniel 6: 19-28

If you have read your Bible very well and you believe God, then you will understand that God is an expert in turning the tables around in favour of his children. Maybe life has battered you again and again and you have given up hope of being delivered from the hands of those who are oppressing and limiting you. I have good news for you today: TABLES WILL TURN! Click here to read – ODM 27 November 2018 – “HE WAS BATTLE READY!

Our Daily Manna Today 28 October 2018

Our Daily Manna Today 28 October 2018

Job 5: 12 says: “He disappoints the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.” The wisest of men cannot outwit God! He knows what just to do to turn things around and put them under your feet. Some men conspired against Daniel concerning his God and he ended up being thrown into the den of lions. But God was with him there and the lions were silenced supernaturally. TABLES TURNED! Maybe your conspirators have concluded plans to give you that same treatment; to ‘throw you into the pit of lions.’

But hear this divine secret concerning the lions of life: LIONS KNOW WHO TO EAT AND WHO NOT TO EAT. Do not be afraid! TABLES WILL TURN AGAINST YOUR ADVERSARIES! Hear the conclusion of Daniel’s popular story: The following morning, Daniel came out alive, untouched and without a scratch, and the king ordered that his conspirators and their entire family be thrown into the pit of lions(Vs. 24 of 2nd scripture). TABLE TURNED! Oh, declare 7 times now: “Tables will tune against my destiny haters!

Our Daily Manna Today 28 October 2018

Tables will turn against them now in Jesus name!” Listen: He who opposes you opposes the living God. He that touches you touches the apple of His eye! Can a man touch HIS EYES OF FLAMING FIRE and go free? (See Rev 1: 14 now). No! No! No! His eyes are a FLAME! Never lose a night of sleep because of the plots and devices of the crafty! GOD WILL DISAPPOINT THEM! As 2018 ends, trust Him and He will turn the tables around in your favour!

For U.K Partners: The U.K. Banks have been permanently restored! See page 29 for the two banks! Our Daily Manna Today 28 October 2018 – TOPIC: TABLES WILL TURN…

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 2: → When the morning comes…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word now. Our Daily Manna Today 28 October 2018

2. I scatter every assembly that is standing in opposition to my purpose and destiny; let them be thrown into confusion today and as 2018 ends in Jesus name.

3. Oh, FLAMING EYES OF JEHOVAH; CONSUME every wicked plan against my detractors in Jesus name (Pray it seriously till you have peace to stop)! Our Daily Manna Today 28 October 2018

4. Lions know who they eat! Lord, I receive protection/deliverance from the mouth of wicked lions. LORD, turn the TABLES against them now!!!
5. Pray about today seriously as led. Pray the morning Click here, afternoon Click here and evening Click here prayers daily! (See page 7-9).


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