Our Daily Manna Today 3 December 2018 – YOU ARE A V.I.P AND A STAR!

Our Daily Manna Today 3 December 2018


Basic Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12: 12-27

One day, a wise man came to a small town and needed a place to stay, so he went to the nearest church. He met a group of people arguing about how they could best please God. “I will help you” the man told them, “but you must promise to use what I give you to glorify God.” See Our Daily Manna 2 December 20184 LEVELS OF GROWTH!

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Our Daily Manna Today 3 December 2018

They agreed! He then went on to give each of them gifts – one was to be a pianist, another a flautist, to another he gave a saxophone, to another a violin and yet to another he gave the role of toe-tapping, i.e. using his feet to tap the floor in rhythm with the other instructions. At first, the team worked together and their production was marvelous till one day when during a practice session, the violinist said to the pianist, “I’m so glad I have the important job of playing the violin. I thank God I am not the ordinary toe-tapper.” That statement so hurt the toe-tapper that he left the group.

The result was that their next concept was a flop! Then the flautist said in frustration: “Without that toe-tapper here, I don’t know how to come in for my part.” The saxophone said the same thing till the violinist with tears apologized: “I am the reason for this mess. I thought I was so important that I didn’t need the help of the toe-tapper; I was wrong.” They apologized to the toe-tapper and the next Sunday, their church was so blessed and God looked down, smiled and even “winked” at the toe-tapper!

Today’s scripture talks about the fact that every child of God is crucial. You are very important to God in your local church or wherever you are, and so are others! As 2018 ends, never give up in that little area where God has called you. Never despise yourself or envy another minister or ministry! Stay where you have been given the grace and heaven will make a difference with your life because as far as God is concerned, you are a VIP (Very important person) and a STAR.

Our Daily Manna Today 3 December 2018

The pastor or saint on TV and the unseen sweeper of the church floor will receive the same reward because God does not reward glamour or visibility. He rewards the 13 letter word: FAITHFULNESS!
The 2019 ODM and “War Against Hamman-14” booklets are out! Give them out as Christmas and New Year gift items. Get your copies from your nearest bookshop now! Give to FAMILY/FRIENDS this month! Our Daily Manna Today 3 December 2018 – YOU ARE A V.I.P AND A STAR!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of consecration to God.See  → ODM Hymn Songs For Champions
1. Pray on the Word as led. Repent from looking down on yourself or on little assignment in your local church.

2. Repent from pride (looking down on others) in the past.
3. As 2018 ends, tell God to use your life DAILY

4. As 2018 ends, ask for the grace to be faithful at where you are now! Reject SELF-PITY/DEPRESSION! Our Daily Manna Today 3 December 2018 – YOU ARE A V.I.P AND A STAR!
5. Pray about today seriously as led now.

Assignment: What do you consider as the least job in your local church? Function there for two weeks and let me know through orderodm@gmail.com.


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