Daily Manna For 2 December 2018 – 4 LEVELS OF GROWTH!

Daily Manna For 2 December 2018


Basic Scripture: Luke 5: 1-11

There are four levels of growth: The 1st level is the “GIVE ME” stage. This is the stage when people come to church or live their lives by saying, “I came all this way to be here so you’d better motivate and inspire me. Give me something powerful! Give me the secret. Preach it preacher…” “GIVE ME” people want what you have without paying the price. This is a SELFISH and a dangerous place to stay as it eventually leads to blaming everything and everyone.

Daily Manna For 2 December 2018

Daily Manna For 2 December 2018

There are many “GIVE ME” people in churches, marriages, businesses, etc. The second level of growth is the “HELP ME” stage. When a child gets a little order and more mature, instead of always saying, “Give Me,” they’ll say, “Help me.” Help me with my homework,” etc. Some might say, “Help me set appointments or close some deals. I want to be successful but I want you to Help Me.” Then there is a 3rd level.

“TEST ME stage. As you grow in life, family and ministry, there comes the willingness to seek out experiences. You are ready to take risks and test your skills in the laboratory of life. You say to life, your boss, pastor, spouse, children, parents, helpers – “TEST ME!” Give me a job, a goal, a project. Put me in a game and let me test my skills.” The 4th level is the “USE ME” stage. The believer who is learning, applying and going, knows who he is, how he is wired, where he is going and why! “I am 42 years old in the LORD and I know that I can’t be ‘Someday-One day-Almost’ kind of person for the rest of my life.”

You must move past the “Give Me,” “Help Me” and “Test Me” stages of life and be fully engaged and be ready for the responsibility for the, “USE ME” stage. Tell the LORD, “Here Am I Lord, USE ME.” Stop sitting down in depression and waiting for your miracle! The “USE ME” stage is the ladder to your DECORATION pavilion! It is the quickest road to your reward season! It is your fastest route to shocking breakthroughs from your life’s boat! Ask Peter (Today’s scripture)! Let him use your boat – your financiers, your time, your talents, etc.

Daily Manna For 2 December 2018

Stretch and work for God in your own little corner of this vanity paradise! Life is a series of seasons and it is valuable to your future that you identify where you are and where you need to be. But never forget that the ultimate is the “USE ME” stage!

ODM IN EVERY HAMPER! Give out the 2019 ODM copy to souls! I see you moving from STORY TO GLORY for every copy given out this month! Amen! Daily Manna For 2 December 2018 – 4 LEVELS OF GROWTH!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship to God.
1. Thank God for today’s word and pray as you are led. Our Daily Manna For Champions 2018

2. Lord, USE ME and use my life to show that You are a rewarder! Holy Ghost, do for me what you did to Peter! Daily Manna For 2 December 2018 – 4 LEVELS OF GROWTH!

3. Lord, I surrender and determine to dwell in the “USE ME” stage. I decree: Every altar of darkness raised against me in the heavenlies, DRY UP THIS LAS MONTH in Jesus name. Daily Manna For 2 December 2018 – 4 LEVELS OF GROWTH!


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