Our Daily Manna Today – January 8, 2018

Our Daily Manna Today

TOPIC: A NEW DOOR SHALL OPEN! – Odm Devotional Janaury 8

2 CHRONICLES 32: 1-8

Our Daily Manna Today

Share with me this amazing good report: “Dear Bishop, may the good Lord continue to strengthen you and may you continue to shepherd His flock, leading us in the way of faith. Amen! This has truly been my year of Evidence. I was commissioned into the Nigerian Army in 2010 and I rose to the rank of Captain in 2016. However, my life was stagnant and I felt I was no longer needed in the system since things were getting worse daily. In December 2016, I attended the last anointing service in Ogudu and I made up my mind to pour out my heart to God; that I will not leave without my name (situation) being changed.


Our Daily Manna Today – January 8, 2018

As the choir was ministering just before you mounted the altar, I cried like a baby (I have never cried like that) and I kept telling God that I was tired of my situation and wanted to move to my next level in life! As you came on stage, you said, “The Lord has seen your tears and He has heard your cries; wipe your tears. ” I immediately claimed it and thanked God that He had heard me… but I didn’t stop crying. I kept repeating my prayers and thanking Him tearfully and you kept repeating again, “He has heard you, He has heard you, ” then I stopped. I went home after the service and felt like a heavy burden had been lifted from me. I made up my mind to apply to resign from the army on January 17th but I said I would wait till the end of the January fast on 27th since it was a night of Evidence. Our Daily Manna Today

2018 Prayer Bullets Our Daily Manna – War Against Haman-13


Our Daily Manna ODM Donations Seed

DCLM Daily Manna Topic- Use It Well

At the time I was applying to resign from the army, I had no idea what I was going to do or how my family was going to survive considering the fact that I was not pensionable buy I held on to the God of Evidence. God, however, showed up for us! I was invited for an interview with a multinational organization while my application to resign was approved by the end of June after a delay (which was for my good). Our Daily Manna Today

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I was at home with my family for two months enjoying my terminal leave when my offer letter arrived and I resumed in September! I am grateful for what God has done in my life. Kindly share my story! The Lord is good indeed. May this ministry continues to flourish in Jesus name. Amen! My Evidence Possession Seed and Anti-delay seed were not in vain. (John Adefuye; johnadefuye@gmail.com)” What a “Wow” story! God can close a door and open another one in His destiny re-alignment plan. My Father God is showing me now that after this prayer program, He will close some doors for 62,200 souls using today’s devotional and He will open newer, greater, and shocking doors of higher levels because your HELPERS (KINGS) will not sleep till they locate you this year! This brother showed his seeds and as you sow your CHANGE OF GARMENT seed as directed, a door that will shock the world shall open for you for good. Amen!

Declare 2 Chronicles 32:8 now and pray today’s fasting prayers for Day 3 in page 28 of the “War Against Humanity 13” booklet, then come to the World Anointing Decoration Night with a dress that you can afford to tear. You will pray the prophetic prayer with that dress and the God of wonders shall open a new door that no man can shut! Amen and amen!

PRAYER POINTS: Our Daily Manna Today

Take your best worship song to God.
1. God of my destiny, shake and re-mould my destiny to fit into Your greater plan for me this year (Pray until something happens). Our Daily Manna Today

War Against Haman-13 2018 Day 2 and Day 3


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