Our Manna Online 20 May 2022 – THE END-TIME BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL

Our Manna Online 20 May 2022



Our Manna Online 20 May 2022
Our Manna Online 20 May 2022

The signposts are everywhere. It could be the, TESTING ROOM OF CAPE TOWN, South Africa, or the Phatt Chef, Thabo Mofutsanyana, South Africa.

You also have the Angsana Riad Bab Firdaus, Marrakesh, Morocco or the Tamarind restaurant, Mombasa Kenya! Oh, in my country, you have either Sweet Sensations opening a new eatery or Mr. Biggs launching a new eatery.

Oh yes, the next could be Chicken Republic or Tantalizers cum Flavours taking off a new chicken joint. The names are as captivating as Macdonalds! But has it ever occurred to you however, that these, as necessary and needed as they seem, are all efforts to feed the outward physical man? Sit and ponder over the countless personal prayer and fasting programmes that they have broken. Eternity will tell. As the music of the end time hums, you must realize that there is a deadly battle to dull and seize your soul! Why feed the outward man at the expense of your spirit man? Watch daily over your soul (your spirit). The outward man is vanity.

Burying my mother last December 2021, was an unforgettable reminder as I saw the last grain of sand cover her white casket! My tears at the graveside was a school for eternity! The human body is dust and to dust it must bow. But your spirit man is divine!

So, resist the end-time battle to steal your inner power and piety (godliness and holiness), through physical food. Discipline your body and take regular time off to fast, pray and meditate on the Word of God. Our Manna Online 20 May 2022 – THE END-TIME BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL

As you feed the physical man, physical entertainment, etc, give greater attention to the spiritual man! The end-time counterfeit type of the Christian faith is described in 2 Timothy 3:5: “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.”

That’s not your portion! Reject religion without power! Keep your end-time fire by force! Pay the price! Enjoy life, but anticipate heaven! Our Manna Online 20 May 2022 – THE END-TIME BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL

PRAYER POINTS:Take Song 3: When the roll…


  1. Lord, help me to stay with the Word and in Your presence always in Jesus name.
  2. You gates of hell, you cannot steal my grace, glory and power through physical food in Jesus name.

Our Manna Online 20 May 2022 – THE END-TIME BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL

  1. Holy Ghost, empower me to wait on God through prayer and fasting in Jesus name.
  2. My spirit man must be in charge. My spirit man must be fed in Jesus name (Pray it very well). Note: Since January, when did you really fast last? How far with finishing your Bible-in-1-year plan?

Our Manna Online 20 May 2022 – THE END-TIME BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL


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