Page 97 ODM WAR Against Haman 16 General Prayer Points 2021

Page 97 ODM WAR Against Haman 16 General Prayer Points

Prayer Bullets for Winners (War Against Haman-16)

Page 97 ODM WAR Against Haman
Page 97 ODM WAR Against Haman



  • I reject DEMOTION TO POVERTY in Jesus name.
  • Every table where it was decided that I shall END IN POVERTY – CATCH FIRE in Jesus name.
  • Every COVEN of witches/wizards or evil kingdoms that have decided that I shall never see PLENTY OF BREAD, RICHES and
  • COMFORT: SCATTER and BURN now. Your decisions are NULLIFIED by the Blood of Jesus NOW.
  • Oh Lord, arise and scatter GENERATIONAL POVERTY in my life, family and ministry.
  • I shall till my land! I shall NOT be mentally or physically LAZY! I shall work hard! I shall be diligent; I shall not be seen around vain and lazy people and I SHALL HAVE PLENTY OF BREAD. LORD, bless my water and my BREAD in Jesus name.
  • Oh LORD; bless the labour of my hands! I shall SEE AND EAT THE FRUIT OF MY LABOUR! I shall SEE AND EAT THE FRUIT OF MY
  • I shall not labour for others to eat! I shall TASTE AND SEE that the LORD is good in Jesus name.
  • I reject the spirit of GATHER AND SCATTER!
  • Pray in Tongues seriously now with your hands raised up! Day 3 July ODM 14 Days Prayer and fasting 2021


After sowing your “REPROACH TO RESPECT” Seed, kindly send SMS to any of these numbers according to your country; Zamba:+260-9667-485-45 Ghana: +225-265-99-400, SOUTH AFRICA: +27-79- 284-957. U.K.: +44-7.23 -0565, USA: +1-469- 3865-6629, Nigeria +234-802-322-15k +22- 8152626451-mal to:; WhatsApp to: +34 8144-044 -2226, 080-242-15k, 080-23 15-2536


Welcome to this year’s July Worldwide Fasting programme. There is one word that must be eradicated from the dictionary of your life this year. That word is the word “REPROACH.’ This 14- Day Fasting General Prayer Points is targeted at completely liberating your life, family, ministry and destiny from the demonic effect of whatever has reproached you. REPROACH will reject your destiny and catch fire in this fasting programme. You will move from “REPROACH TO RESPECT, HONOUR AND DIGNITY BY FIRE.” The term “REPROACH” can be defined as anything, or any condition that brings shame, disgrace, ridicule or sorrow and pain into one’s life. Genesis 30:23 says: “And she conceived, and bare a son; and said, ‘God hath taken away my reproach.” Rachel was delivered from many years of reproach that turned her into a laughing stock by her contemporaries. She had a delay in childbirth just like Hannah who was mocked and ridiculed day and night by Peninnah. There are certain things that cause many people to cover their faces in shame, make people laugh at them and sometimes ask them, “WHERE IS YOUR GOD”? But this 14-Day fasting programme and beyond, whatever is making men and women to ask you, “WHERE IS YOUR GOD?” shall be swallowed up by the anointing of “GOD-IN-ACTION; COME AND SEE.” Another example was the woman with the issue of blood. She was reproached to the extent that the reproach of her life swallowed up her real name (Mark 5:25). I am reminded of the Widow of Nain, who suffered from the reproach of untimely death that claimed the life of her husband, and then her only son. The Woman Could Have Been Called A Witch For Losing Her Husband And Son. But The Lord Took Her From Reproach To Respect by Touching The Son’s Coffin At The City Gate. Yes! From SORRY to SHINING; From CRYING to CONGRATULATIONS! SHE became THE TALK OF TOWN. THOSE WHO CRIED WITH HER STARTED CRUISING (laughing) WITH HER. From Disgrace to a Dancing! RESPECT! WHEN THE LORD TOUCHES YOUR PAIN in this fasting programme, FRIENDS AND FOES WILL STAND STILL! THAT TOUCH WAS THE NEEDED OPERATION THEATRE! WOW! THOSE WHO REJECTED HER SUDDENLY BEGAN TO RESPECT HER.

HER HOUSE BECAME A TOURIST CENTER! Hear this: “And the Lord said unto Joshua, ‘This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you…” (Joshua 5:9). | call it “OPERATION ROLL AWAY FOREVER.” Ah! Something will be ROLLED AWAY FROM YOU in this fasting programme! In other words, no more shame, no more disgrace, and no more defeat for you again forever! Hear what He said: “For your shame ye shall have double…” (Isaiah 61:7). I prophesy: Whatever is called REPROACH shall be terminated from your life in this fasting program and at the last-day JULY WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE of Saturday, July 24th, 12 NOON NIGERIA TIME! Connect via any of our SOCIAL Media platforms (See page 94 of this booklet). ALSO CONNECT TO THE DAILY BREAKING-OF-FAST
SERVICES ON PAGE 165 of this booklet! The God who specializes in rolling away reproach shall mock your mockers! Respect Honour, Dignity, Glory, etc, shall be RESTORED again. Refuse to give up now! Sow your, “REPROACH TO RESPECT” PROPHETIC SEED IN THIS FASTING PROGRAMME AND PRAY THE “REPROACH TO RESPECT PROPHETIC PRAYER PSALM” THAT WILL BE SENT TO YOU FOR TWO WEEKS! I see EVERY REPROACH ARROW RETURNING BACK TO SENDER! Get ready for the “REPROACH TO RESPECT” OIL! Pray the 2021 GENERAL DAILY 14-DAY FAST PRAYERS below seriously now! Page 97 ODM WAR Against Haman

  1. Abba Father, I thank you for another 14-Day worldwide July Fasting Programme.

  2. Thank you Lord for Your mercy and faithfulness that has brought me thus far, since the year began. And for my Open
    Reward experience thus far.

  3. 2 Kings 2:12; My Father, My Father, I shall begin and end this 14-day fasting programme. I shall not fast in vain. I shall
    reap my harvest speedily in Jesus name.

  4. Psalm 51:1  O God, show me Your MERCY CARD today and in this fasting programme; re-write my story and my destiny by fire.


  1. Blood of Jesus, roll away every reproach from my destiny and forgive my sins.

  2. Father by Your mercy, please forgive me and remove every reproach from my life, family and ministry.

Page 97 ODM WAR Against Haman

    9 Father, in this second hald of the 2021, move me from the avenue of REPROACH to the street of RESPECT in Jesus

  2. John14:13; I break and, scatter the foundation of reproach plaguing my life and destiny now/in this fasting programme
    in Jesus name,

  3. Vs 13; Whether the devil likes it or not, Reproach shall die and respect, honour and dignity shall arise concerning me in Jesus name.

  4. Vs. 14; You evil Identity called Reproach, enough is enough; reject my life and die by fire.
  5. Psalm 71:13; O God; let every enemy of my Open Reward season in this second half of 2021, be covered with everlasting reproach in Jesus name.
  6. Psalm 74:10; Lord, my life, family and ministry will not make men to reproach Your name this year and beyond in Jesus name.
  7. Vs 10; O Lord my God, shut the mouths of my adversaries that reproach me for Thy name’s sake in Jesus name.

  8. Psalm 78:66; Father, let perpetual reproach be the portion of whatever is sent to reproach me in Jesus name.

  9. Psalm 119:22; Father, You removed reproach from Hannah and turned her into a testimony. Do the same for me in this fasting programme.

  10. 1 Samuel 1:6 says; “And her adversary also provoked her sore, for to make her fret, because the LORD had shut up her womb.” Father, let reproach overtake every Peninnah mocking my life, family and ministry this year in Jesus name.

  11. Vs 6; You delay, stagnation, disappointment, nearly but never, qualified but rejected etc, reproaching my destiny, catch fire in Jesus name.

  12. Vs 20; “Wherefore it came to pass, when the time was come about after Hannah had conceived, that she bare a son, and called his name Samuel, saying, Because I have asked him of the LORD.” God of Hannah, do a miracle that will move me FROM REPROACH TO RESPECT this year in Jesus name.

  13. Vs 20; O my Samuel — job, business breakthroughs, career opportunities, the fruit of the womb, fulfilled expectations and Open Reward etc what are you waiting for? Locate me today/this season in Jesus name.

92, Psalm 119:39; My Father, My Father, turn away every reproach in my life that has made me a laughing stock. RESPECT shall be my name in Jesus name.

  1. Every yoke of reproach running in my family line that has overshadowed my life, break by fire in Jesus name.

  2. Today/this year, I refuse to bury my head in shame where I am supposed to walk head tall in Jesus name.

  3. Zech. 3:3; Lord, by Your divine power, destroy every garment of reproach covering my destiny in Jesus name.

  4. John 10:19; O Lord, by Your divine authority, destroy the seed of inherited reproach ravaging my life in Jesus name.

  5. Lord, the miracles that belong to the generation of my father and the generation of my mother, by Your divine power, release it into my life in Jesus name.

  6. Mark 7:13; O God, You moved the woman of Nain, FROM REPROACH TO RESPECT, and made those who CRIED with her to CRUISE with her. Her TEARS became her DANCING; that shall be my story in Jesus name.

29.-Vs. 14; My Father, My Father, that ONE TOUCH that will cause my destiny, my marriage, my business, my health, my career and my finances to rise again, let it HIT me in this fasting programme in Jesus name.

Mark 5:25-26; Lord, You moved the woman with the Issue of Blood from. REPROACH TO RESPECT, dried up her fountain and made her a reference point; do the same for me by fire.

Luke 19:5; I reject the reproach of Zacchaeus; pass over my destiny now in Jesus name.

Vs.5; Every reproach that has turned me into mockery in my father’s house or mother’s house, expire now by fire.

PRAY ABOUT THE JULY WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE NOW! Decree the Obituary of every Reproach in your life and destiny that day! Pray for me Dr. Chris, for the unction to function with my “THREE FRIENDS” (THE TRINITY) in that service!

Thank God for answered prayers now. As you prepare to be in the Last-day-end-of-fast WORLDWIDE ANOINTING SERVICE, there shall be an OUTPOURING of the OIL of REPROACH to RESPECT. Amen and amen!

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we will prefar you use the days E.g day 2 and 3 instead of page number so that some of us using the online version can still follow through

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