Prayer For Muslims: Ramadan And Indigenous Muslims

Prayer For Muslims

June 10th Prayer For Muslims: Ramadan And Indigenous Muslims.

Things you need to Know about Nigerian Indigenous Muslims
????Islam has creatively devised means and methods of indigenizing itself in every locality. Such methods are couched on an Hausa proverb,  “Da dan gari ne aka chin gari.” (It is with a son of the land that you conquer a land.”
Indigenous Muslims

????With such a proverb,  Muslims have deployed heavy resources to produce indigenous southern Muslims through diverse means who will be used to deliver their lands to Islam.

????In 2017, a group of indigenous Muslims who call themselves Muslims of the Lower Niger Region convened in Asaba to brainstorm the idea of indigenization of Islam. They crafted ideas like Igbonization of Islam,  Ijawrization of Islam,  Kalabarization of Islam,  Itshekirization of Islam,  Ikwererization of Islam,and so on.  It was a drive to make Islam more appealing to the indigenous people of the South,  with fat money to their credit to pursue all the resolutions of their meeting.
????Since then,  indigenous Muslims have gone back to carry out the task in their milieu.
????There are about 17,000 Igbo Muslims, Ijaw, Urhobo,  Itshekiri, Anang Muslims abounds with diverse associations  that aids their visibilities.
????While this indigenization of Islam in southern communities gathers momentum, churches/Christianity in many communities are  shrinking, weakening and sinking into nominalism.
????As the Ramadan descends down to a close,  indigenous Muslims have been discipled, commissioned and committed to deliver their ancestral communities to Islam.

TODAYS Prayer For Muslims to know Christ

????Pray for God’s visitation upon indigenous Muslims to upturn the strongholds of Islam in their hearts and turn them to Christ.
???? Ask that the Lord will bring many to their senses like the prodigal son and cause them to return to Christ.
????Plead with God to turn the counsels of indigenous Muslims into naught and stir up an usual wave of conversion among them.
????Finally, pray that believers in churches will awake to their responsibility and engage Muslims with the gospel.
May the Church become very creative in evangelisation of Muslims in their orbits instead of trepidating about Islamization. We are either evangelizing them or they are Islamization us.
????We appreciate your devotion to prayers!
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