Prayer points to pray with your family on Saturday

Prayer points to pray with your family on Saturday:
Daily Prayer Points
Daily Prayer Points
Worship and Praise (10)
  1. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life and family.
  2. We praise you for your love and grace in our lives.
  3. You are our rock and refuge; we worship you.
  4. Your faithfulness endures to all generations.
  5. We bless your holy name, oh Lord.
  6. You are our provider and sustainer.
  7. We magnify your name, oh God.
  8. Your mercy and kindness surround us.
  9. We exalt your name, oh Lord, above all else.
  10. You are our hope and trust.
Family and Relationships (20)
  1. Strengthen our family bonds, oh Lord.
  2. Help us to love and forgive one another.
  3. Watch over our children and guide them.
  4. Protect our marriage and keep it holy.
  5. Fill our home with peace and harmony.
  6. Help us to communicate effectively.
  7. Teach us to respect and honor one another.
  8. Keep our family safe from harm and evil.
  9. Help us to build a godly legacy.
  10. Show us how to resolve conflicts in love.
Protection and Safety (15)
  1. Keep us safe from accidents and harm.
  2. Protect us from evil and its schemes.
  3. Watch over our health and well-being.
  4. Keep our home and community secure.
  5. Deliver us from fear and anxiety.
  6. Be our shield and buckler.
  7. Keep us under your wings of protection.
  8. Preserve us from all forms of violence.
  9. Keep our family from division and strife.
  10. Be our rock and refuge in times of trouble.
Spiritual Growth and Guidance (20)
  1. Help us to seek you first in all things.
  2. Guide us into your truth and wisdom.
  3. Fill us with your Holy Spirit.
  4. Increase our faith and trust in you.
  5. Teach us to pray and intercede effectively.
  6. Show us how to live a life of service and love.
  7. Help us to discern your will and plan.
  8. Keep us from temptation and sin.
  9. Help us to bear fruit for your kingdom.
  10. Make us more like Jesus.
Provision and Blessings (15)
  1. Provide for our physical and financial needs.
  2. Bless the work of our hands.
  3. Increase our resources and opportunities.
  4. Help us to be good stewards of your blessings.
  5. Show us how to give generously and cheerfully.
  6. Fill our cups to overflowing.
  7. Meet our needs according to your riches.
  8. Keep us from lack and want.
  9. Make us a blessing to others.
  10. Show us how to store up treasures in heaven.
Community and Missions (10)
  1. Help us to love and serve our community.
  2. Show us how to share your gospel with others.
  3. Increase our compassion and empathy.
  4. Help us to care for the widow, orphan, and stranger.
  5. Make us a light in the darkness.
  6. Use us to bring hope and transformation.
  7. Help us to build bridges, not walls.
  8. Show us how to pray for our leaders and nation.
  9. Make us a blessing to the nations.
  10. Help us to fulfill the Great Commission.
Personal and National Revival (10)
  1. Revive us, oh Lord, and renew our hearts.
  2. Bring a spiritual awakening to our nation.
  3. Help us to repent and turn from our sins.
  4. Fill us with a hunger and thirst for righteousness.
  5. Show us how to live a life of holiness.
  6. Increase our passion for prayer and worship.
  7. Help us to seek your face and presence.
  8. Bring a fresh move of your Spirit in our land.
  9. Help us to build a culture of honor and integrity.
  10. Make us a people of your Word and truth.
Thanksgiving and Gratitude (10)
  1. Thank you for your goodness and mercy.
  2. We are grateful for your love and grace.
  3. You are our rock and salvation.
  4. We bless your holy name, oh Lord.
  5. Thank you for our family and friends.
  6. We are grateful for your provision and care.
  7. You are our hope and trust.
  8. Thank you for your faithfulness and kindness.
  9. We praise your name, oh God.
  10. You are our God, and we worship you.
Faith and Trust (10)
  1. Help us to trust you more and more each day.
  2. Increase our faith to believe your promises.
  3. Show us how to walk by faith, not sight.
  4. Help us to rest in your sovereignty.
  5. You are our rock and refuge; we trust in you.
  6. Help us to

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