Wilderness is a quarry site, refinery, Gethsemane, place of dealing/building, way to glorification, the place of proving and approving (Deut. 8:2-3, 15-16): The place for the making of spiritual giants. Making is usually not with palatable experiences but necessary for success in all fields, the time of making is not time for amassing wealth (2 Kings 5:26), not time for manifestation, time for play/idleness nor time of claiming to know but a waiting period, period for building spiritual capacity, receiving spiritual empowerment and there is always some works while waiting (Lk. 24:49).


A giant is a person of great stature strong and powerful. Mind you physical stature differs from spiritual, remember David and Goliath. It takes gene/trait and/or rigorous training to become a giant in the physical as well as in the spiritual. Often times many lunch into wilderness to be made giants but only a few do come out of wilderness as real giant (thousands died in it but Joshua and Caleb came out as giants).

Almighty God is always interested in building generals not a mediocre. God is ever ready to make us giants but we have the major responsibility to take which is allowing His workings (making) in our lives (Philp. 2:12-13). Let us not mistake spiritual giant for wealthy individuals. May our eyes of understanding be enlightened as God takes us through the underlisted concern.

Wilderness is a place to be prepared and cooked, not a place to show or manifest. Just like John the Baptist was in a wilderness until the day of His showing. Wilderness is harsh and seems unbearable but it’s God’s strategy for preparing us.

God teaches us love by putting some unlovely people around us. It takes no character to love people who are lovely and loving to you. God teaches us real joy in the midst of
sorrow, when we turn to him. Happiness depends on external circumstances, but joy is based on
your relationship to God. God develops real peace within us, not by making things go the way we planned, but by allowing times of chaos and confusion. Anyone can be peaceful watching a beautiful sunset or
relaxing on vacation.

We learn real peace by choosing to trust God in circumstances in which we are tempted to worry or be afraid. Likewise, patience is developed in circumstances in which we’re forced to wait and are tempted to be angry or have a short fuse. God uses the opposite situation of each fruit to allow us a choice. You can’t claim to be good if you’ve never been tempted to be bad. You can’t claim to be faithful if you’ve never had the opportunity to be unfaithful.

Integrity is built by defeating the temptation to be dishonest; humility grows when we refuse to be prideful; and endurance develops every time you reject the temptation to give up. Everything that will be a major challenge in the future always comes as a test from God purposely to prepare us

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