Why You Should Pray Early In The Morning

Did You Pray This Morning Beloved? Why You Should Pray In The Morning.

Psalms_30-5: For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favor is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.


What is so important about morning prayers?

Prayers in the morning is so important because you meet God before you meet the Devil.

You meet God before you meet the circumstances of life.

You talk to God before you talk to many people.

You fellowship with God before you fellowship with other people.

You hear news from Heaven before you receive any breaking news.

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You sit before God before you sit before people.

You kneel before God before you kneel down before men.

You Honour God before you Honour people.

You get into His Presence before you get into the presence of people.

You feed your Spirit before you feed your body.

You call Jesus before you call all other small names.

You see Jesus Christ before you see yourself in the mirror.

You sweep your heart before you sweep your yard!

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  1. Stay with God! Walk with God! Move at His place! In the storms of life, ODM is LIFE’S PARACHUTE.Even when the storms seem to rage, don’t panic! Get a word from God before any action! Never move until He moves! Never rest until He rests! Let your hands be in His hands! You will excel! The Lord God Almighty is your strength. Amen! God bless you

  2. wow! this is true. never thought of this. thank you and may your well of knowledge and wisdom never runs dry.

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