ODM Daily Manna Reading Devotional 2018 August 29 – TOPIC: GETHSEMANE:  NOT MY LAST BUS STOP!

ODM Daily Manna Reading Devotional 2018 August 29



Each person who lives on earth has moments of discouragement, depression, or hopelessness. Both the rich and the poor go through seasons of sadness/heaviness/sorrow. Jesus, our Master and supreme example, had His own share of dark moments! As he journeyed towards Calvary, it suddenly dawned on Him that He was going to carry the whole burden of mankind’s sins with ALL THE CONSEQUENCES! See ODM- Yesterday 28 August 2018

ODM Daily Manna Reading Devotional 2018 August 29

ODM Daily Manna Reading Devotional 2018 August 29

The situation was so tough that angels had to come to minister to Him! I am led to pray right now: “Oh Lord, send us angels again! I loose the ministry of angels again concerning every user of today’s devotional passing through one battle or the other! I loose strength and victory NOW!” AT LAST NO BATTLE IS FOREVER! This too shall pass! A famous American leader once wrote: “I am man living.

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If what I feel was equally distributed to the whole human family, there would not be one cheerful face on earth. To remain as I am is impossible. I must die or be better.” You may be surprised to know that the man who wrote that was Abraham Lincoln! Here is this marvelous man with magnificent character, feeling absolutely alone. Surely, the US president ought to sleep well because of his protection, his wise counselors and great financial security. Refuse to make depression your last bus-stop!

ODM Daily Manna Reading Devotional 2018 August 29

Refuse to make self-pity/ self- comparison to others your last bus-stop! Today’s devotional word shows that: IT IS DARKEST JUST BEFORE DAWN! Every believer has what can be termed, THE GETHSEMANE HOUR! This is the hour of great travail, discouragement, tears and pain! It is a season where you feel empty and lonely! But it is also a season for MORE GRACE AND ANGELS and not DISGRACE or ANGER!

Your God is sending me to you: DON’T QUIT NOW!The world will dance with you! LAUGH BY FORCE! You will sing a song of victory AT LAST! Amen! ODM Daily Manna Reading Devotional 2018 August 29 – TOPIC: : NOT MY LAST BUS STOP!

ODM Daily Manna Reading Devotional 2018 August 29

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: My hope is built…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s message.
2. I decree now: GETHSEMANE will NEVER be my cemetery in Jesus name.

3. I choose to LAUGH ALWAYS BY FAITH! I see a great tomorrow of GRACE, MERCY AND ENLARGEMENT! I shall be DECORATED BY FIRE! ODM Daily Manna Reading Devotional 2018 August 29 – TOPIC: : NOT MY LAST BUS STOP! Our Daily Manna 2018

4. Pray about today seriously as led. CANCEL AN ATTACK OF DEATH DURING SLEEP (FOR 3 DAYS)! ODM Daily Manna Reading Devotional 2018 August 29

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  1. What a powerful devotional, God have just used you to speak to me. Now I know my breakthrough because it is ”darkest before dawn”. In this Gethsemane season of mine, i refuse to be angry, I refuse to feel lonely and empty, rather I chose to dwell in GRACE because I know Angels are on Errand for me to bring me glad tidings after the order of Mary and Zechariah. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen! Even though they crucified my Jesus Christ though that was to fulfill the scriptures, He still rose again from the dead. So I refuse to lose hope against all odds

  2. Thank God for the blessings we received through this daily devotion, may God continue to grant you more grace for the work In Jesus Name.

  3. Thank you….my GOD hasbeen talking to me through these devotionals…thanks lot….amen and amen…

  4. Amen I refuse to live a life of anger let love prevail in my life for I know my Lord liveth forever.

  5. Praise God! Even in my darkest season my God is still with me. It’s so good to know that even my Lord Jesus, suffered depression and anguish. He still rose to be the reigning king over all.. Master Jesus work in me to persevere that my trials will soon turn to testimonies in Jesus name… Amen

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