Daily Manna Reading For Champions 2nd June 2018 – THE RYAN AIR PASSENGER: I REJECT EMERGENCY MISTAKES/EXITS! -1

Daily Manna Reading For Champions 2nd June 2018



A Ryan Air passenger, fed up with waiting to leave a plane in Spain, got into trouble after leaking the emergency exit and waiting on the wing. His flight from London had been delayed by one hour on departure and passengers were reportedly kept on board for 30 minutes at Malaga. Don’t miss odm 1st June 2018 “360 YEAR AGO: THE STORM IS PASSING OVER!”

Daily Manna Reading For Champions 2nd June 2018

Daily Manna Reading For Champions 2nd June 2018

The man, reportedly a Polish national in his 50s, sat on the wing of the plane for some time before he was persuaded back inside. The unusual accident happened on flight FR8164 from Stansted to Malaga on New Year’s Day-1st January, 2018. One passenger on board said: “it was “Surreal” (something strange, bizarre or weird) when the man activated the emergency exit, announcing: ‘I’m going via wing.” But another passenger said the man had been suffering from asthma and was struggling to breathe!

However, a spokesman for Ryan Air called the event “an airport security breach!” and the man was arrested by the Spanish police. Oh, what a story! But the Holy Ghost wants you to understand that as 2018 progress, you must avoid Emergency Decisions which can Provoke Emergency Mistakes Due To the Emergency Mistakes of Others.! Do you know the error of others can push you into making wrong and uncalculated decisions which could lead to shame?

Daily Manna Reading For Champions 2nd June 2018

Ah! There are 15 married couples using today’s devotional and they are planning to get divorced! The Lord is saying to you now: “SLOW DOWN! WAIT! SEE MY SERVANT FIRST!” Oh, thank you Jesus! Hear John Quincy Adams: “difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” Indeed, the passenger was pushed to the wall by the delay of the plane because he was asthmatic and needed emergency fresh air in order to survive!

I am not a pilot, but the rules under which you can open EMERGENCY DOOR of a plane was probably breached! So the mistake of the airline led to his mistake and his arrest! OH, WATCH IT! THE MISTAKES OF OTHERS CAN LEAD TO YOUR DISGRACE! Daily Manna Reading For Champions 2nd June 2018

The Lord is warning 77, 205 ODM users today! David was provoked to number Israel and thousands died! Saul was provoked to do the wrong thing by PRESSURE FROM THE PEOPLE (see 1 Sam 13: 11). That was the door to his SHAME! I decree: Any plan to make a fatal decision and mistake this year through the errors of others, scatter now by fire and thunder in Jesus name! Pray seriously now!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 2: For the hymns/songs, always click here –→ Blessed assurance…
1. Thank God generally and pray about today’s word as led now!
2. Repent from ways in which you have been impatient with people and in life.
3. Lord, this year, I will not suffer from the mistakes of others in Jesus name.

Pray the Daily Manna Prayers To Begin Each Month Of The Year (2018)

4. Spirit of impatience, loose me now and go in Jesus name.
5. Every emergency exit (shortcut) planted to derail me, SCATTER now in Jesus name.
6. Pray about today and any other issue(s) affecting your peace now.


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5 years ago

Pastor Chris regarding today’s reading, someone phoned my niece to tell her that her husband was marrying another woman. when the husband came home my niece phoned the gentleman so that the husband and her could hear what the gentleman had to say, upon hearing the husband got annoyed and said the wife had hired the gentleman to be watching his moves and left home until today when he is called to inform the wife that there’re will be a meeting tomorrow to end the marriage, as you said Pastor Emergency Decisions which can Provoke Emergency Mistakes…

the meeting to call off the marriage is tomorrow what is your advise pastor as I will be one of those attending the meeting.

Emmanuel Ibrahim
Emmanuel Ibrahim
5 years ago

need our daily manner on WHATSAPP daily
I am not too comfortable seeing that immediately after ODM from devotionals portal comes the Guardian Angel
they are 5 in one
star gazers
and magical
I have gotten an encounter with them before hence I am not comfortable seeing them just below you in the devotional portal

please can any thing fast be done since new converts may think it is a true guardian angel
they are talking about

5 years ago

I took a decision pertaining my education on 1june and right now i feel confused because i don’t know if the decision i took will bring pain to me at the end , i had two options i chose one without fully having adequate knowledge about it pls i need help

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