Our Daily Manna Devotional For 3rd June 2018 – THE RYAN AIR PASSENGER: I REJECT EMERGENCY MISTAKES/EXITS! -2

Our Daily Manna Devotional For 3rd June 2018



Recollect yesterday’s devotional! Indeed, it was the one-hour delay, failure or inability of Ryan Air flight take-off that lured this passenger into making an emergency mistake. Their error became his waterloo! If the plane had flown on schedule, that wouldn’t have happened! Don’t miss Daily Manna 2nd June “THE RYAN AIR PASSENGER: I REJECT EMERGENCY MISTAKES/EXITS! -1″, CLICK HERE

Our Daily Manna Devotional For 3rd June 2018

Our Daily Manna Devotional For 3rd June 2018

Note the passengers of the plane were kept on board –inside the plane with doors and windows shut and consequently without air conditioning for 30 minutes. This asthma passenger who was gasping for air had to hit the emergency exit and headed for the wing of the plane for fresh air but by doing that, he breached the airport’s safety and security regulations and was eventually arrested. But it wasn’t his fault; he needed to breathe and not die.

Watch this: it was the delay in the flight that caused his arrest. I prophesy: Any delay in your 2018 DECORATION FLIGHT, expires now by fire! Yes, whatever that was programmed to delay or is delaying your CHANGE OF GARMENT CEREMONY this year, I command it to catch fire on Jesus name. Hear this: the man said, “I’m going via the wing (the wing of the plane) and he was arrested.

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But I am lead to announce to 21,611 users of today’s devotional that this year, you shall ride on the wings of the Holy Ghost to your DECORATION PARTY and no force or power can arrest or stop you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Also note that impatience is a robber of your future glory. Jesus rejected EMERGENCY EXIT despite the heat, shame and pain of the cross.

Our Daily Manna Devotional For 3rd June 2018

Satan, DURING THE WILDERNESS TEMPTATION, would have given HIM all the glory of his world without AGONY of suffering on the cross –Luke 4. Rather, He endured the cross and despised every shame for His future glory. Note that Abraham’s EMERGENCY EXIT LED TO ISHMAEL whose descendants are a pain to the world today –Gen 16:2! Avoid any emergency marriage, healing, wealth, fame, miracle, etc.

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They lead to the bus-stop called, “HAD-I-KNOWN!” Hear Catherine Pulsifer: “Always show patience, don’t turn away, it will make life worthwhile tomorrow and today.” No matter the heat of that marriage, job, carrier, business, the pain of that situation/circumstances and the shame of your past disappointments and failure, do not use the EMERGENCY EXIT! Such emergency exits are highways to EMERGENCY REGRETS! Learn!

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PRAYER POINTS: Take song 1: Tis so sweet to trust…
1. Thank God generally and pray about today’s word as led now!
2. Repent from ways in which you have been impatient with people and in life.

3. I REJECT ISHMAEL IN MY LIFE! Spirit of impatience, loose me now and go in Jesus name.
4. Every emergency exit (shortcut) planted to derail me, scatter now in Jesus name.
5. Lord, this year, I will not suffer from the mistakes of others in Jesus name. Our Daily Manna Devotional For 3rd June 2018

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  1. Thanks very much for today’s message. Just what i really need the most “patience”. May the Almighty God receive all the honor and glory for his word and may you also remain blessed in Jesus name.

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