Daily Manna ODM 23 April 2022 – BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE- 2

Manna Mountain 23 April 2022




When the time comes for God to announce anyone, He will cause him/her to be remembered by the right people and to be recommended for unusual promotion and exaltation. I love Verse 1 of
today’s scripture so much: “On that night, THE KING COULD NOT SLEEP.”

Manna Mountain 23 April 2022 – BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE- 2

Listen: That Was The Very Night That Zeresh, The Wife Of Haman, Advised Her Husband To Build A Gallow Upon Which They Were Going To Hang Mordecai. Never fret when the enemy is plotting against you. God is not sleeping! As Your Enemies Are Plotting Against You, God Is Also Plotting For You AndPlotting The Shame Of Your Enemies. Yes, THE KING COULD NOT SLEEP and he ordered that the book of records be read.

I ask myself, “Why was it that the first thing that they found was the place that talked about what Mordecai did?” That is favour working! The king did not hear about what his LEGAL CITIZENS HAD DONE IN THE PAST! What caught his attention was what Mordecai, a slave and a Jew, did! Immediately he asked, “What honour has been done to this Mordecai?”

Manna Mountain 23 April 2022 – BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE- 2

Nothing! Oh, listen: When God Remembers You, Every Reward Of Your Past Prayers, Fasting, Tithing, Giving, Holiness Or Indeed Any Good You Have Done, Will Be Accelerated! Maybe the enemy has postponed your day of honour and his intention is that he will postpone it until the day you die. I prophesy: HIS COUNSEL WILL NOT STAND in Jesus name!

I prophesy again: Your 21 days fasting WILL NOT BE IN VAIN and your helper(s) will lose their sleep because God will cause them to remember you for good in Jesus name. Mordecai was remembered at the most unusual time and you will be remembered too! He was not only remembered, he was celebrated and honoured and ANNOUNCED by the very man who was his arch-enemy.

Manna Mountain 23 April 2022 – BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE- 2

That is what will happen at the ONLINE AND PHYSICAL ANOINTING SERVICE OF THIS MONTH as we pray today and at the LAGOS ONLINE ANOINTING SERVICE, THIS SUNDAY NIGHT – 8 PM (Nigeria Time). Log in via: YOUTUBE: Manna TV International; FACEBOOK:.

I SHALL LAY HANDS ON EVERYONE who LOGS INBY FAITH! My LOVER/FRIEND, the Holy Ghost, will cause your NEW book of remembrance to be opened in Jesus name! Get ready and get hooked in by faith! Inform others! Manna Mountain 23 April 2022 – BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE- 2

TODAY IS DAY 7 Of the MONTHLY 7-DAY ONLINE PRAYERS! TOMORROW SUNDAY 24TH is ONLINE WORLD ANOINTING SERVICE! Theme: “LORD, REMEMBER ME; TURN MY SCARS TO STARS!” (Come with your water, anointing oil and your business or office points of contact!) Connect via FACEBOOK: ; YOUTUBE: Manna TV International. Time: 8pm Nigeria Time.

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of victory as led.


  1. In your own words, pray over today’s word as led now. Manna Mountain 23 April 2022 – BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE- 2
  2. I put an end to all ungodly postponement of my day of honour and celebration. EVERY UNORDAINED , be cancelled NOW in Jesus name (Pray well).

    GOOD in Jesus name (Pray it 21 times today).
    Pray about this SUNDAY Night online anointing service titled: “LORD, REMEMBER ME.” Time is 8pm Nigeria time!

Manna Mountain 23 April 2022 – BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE- 2


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  1. The bible quotation Ecl 10:4-11 of April 23 day of ODM is it very correct?

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