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On June 6, 1944, Europe was invaded. A large contingent of Allied ships assaulted the beaches of Normandy, France. Simultaneously, thousands of airplanes dropped hundreds of rubber dummies behind the enemy lines called ‘Ruperts.’

These dummies were intended to simulate an attack to confuse the enemy. As the Ruperts landed, some German outposts were tricked into fighting the “paradummies” creating a vital crack in the walls of Fortress Europe. Wow! This was a kind of deception as part of a legitimate military operation designed to thwart oppressive forces.

Yes, during war seasons, military forces could come up with all kinds of tactics, schemes and deceptive strategies to undo and outdo their enemies.

In the same vein, in spiritual warfare, there are tactics and strategies deployed by the devil to gun you down. BEWARE OF THE DEVICES OF THE DEVIL AS YOU GO OUT TODAY/DAILY! Ephesians 6:11 says: “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles (device) of the devil.”

The word “wiles” means tactics, devices and deception. The Word reveals that the devil can “transform himself into an angel of light.” Oh! That is why you must be spiritually alert because Satan our arch enemy is on a mission to distract you via several FALSE DOCTRINES and FAKE MIRACLE WORKERS! Stop running from church to church or from prophet to prophet.

Don’t be tricked by satanic and DEMONIC ‘RUPERTS’ this year. Bill Crowder opined: “Each day amid life’s noisy throng we’re bound to hear this world’s case,and if we’re not alert to wrong, the Saviour’s name we may disgrace.”

Then D. De Haan quipped: “God’s truth uncovers Satan’s lies.” Yes, as you go out today and indeed daily this year, may the divine presence of God uncover every lie of the devil and upturn his deceptions against your life, family and ministry in Jesus name. WATCH AND PRAY!

PRAYERS: I SCATTER EVERY SATANIC DECEPTION planned against my destiny in Jesus name (Pray it seriously till you have peace to stop). Oh you “DEMONIC RUPERTS”; run mad in Jesus name. Lord, disgrace false prophets and SHAKE YOUR CHURCH in 2022.

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