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Daily Manna Online Today 4th May 2022 – THE TWO CURRENCY NOTES:…

Daily Manna Online Today 4th May 2022



Daily Manna Online Today 4th May 2022
Daily Manna Online Today 4th May 2022


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Welcome to this DIVINE SURPRISE HOUR! For years now, there is this great, circulating laughter piece about the Nigerian one thousand naira note (the highest currency denomination) and the fifty naira note.

Daily Manna Online Today 4th May 2022

The fifty naira note met the one thousand naira note and said, “Hey, where have you been? Long time, No see!” The one thousand naira note answered, “I have been hanging out at casinos, went to some marriages and burial parties, went on a boat cruise, was busy at resorts and holiday spots, including some five star hotels.

I took a trip to the United States and visited Europe and nearly all the ECOWAS countries. When 1 returned to Nigeria, I went on a couple of relaxation trips to the weekly Nigerian football league…that kind of stuff. How about you?” The fifty naira note said, “You know my life has been a routine of the same old stuff, hanging around church, church, church!” Did you get the message, apart from the humour?

Yes, it is believed that POVERTY and stinginess is more for churchgoers! But the Holy Ghost is saying that the days have come and now is, when God’s people will walk in the wealth of the land. Remember that the “church rat” is no longer poor because poverty is not godliness!

The power to get wealth is from above! It is the love of money and not money itself that is sin! In this second quarter of 2022 and in this year of DIVINE SURPRISE, as the power to get wealth is released into your life, don’t eat it all. Acts 20:35 declares that giving is more blessed than receiving! Discipline yourself to give! Remember the poor, the needy, your relatives, your prophet, pastors, your tax and the WORK OF GOD! Stop squeezing your offering notes!

Don’t people always give new notes at social parties? Does God not deserve more respect? Never forget this: Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process! Poverty, sickness and sin are not your lot! Give more and move to possess the best of your land! Declare 7 times: “I shall eat the good of the LAND.” Peace!

Daily Manna Online Today 4th May 2022

ONLINE – “MORNING FIRE with Bishop Chris ” – Today 6.30am (Nigeria time ). Facebook and Youtube.

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Blessed assurance…

  1. Millions died last week! Thank God for the gift of LIFE!
  2. Surrender/dedicate totally all your worldly possessions to God again right now!
    3 . Lord, grant me the grace never to be stingy concerning giving again! Claim the BEST OF YOUR LAND NOW!

  3. 1 am a giver and a tither; therefore, I rebuke every devourer concerning my life, family, business, career, academics and ministry in Jesus name (Pray it very well). Manna Online Today 4th May 2022 – THE TWO CURRENCY NOTES: MORE BLESSED TO GIVE!

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