ODM Daily 30 November 2019 – HAMAN MUST CARRY HIS LOAD!

ODM Daily 30 November 2019



Be reminded that a while ago, a man came to the Lagos Manna Mountain to be prayed for because his manhood (sex organ) was no more functioning. According to his story, he was in a beer parlour many years ago where he met a drunkard. Since he noticed that the man was in a drunken stupor, he decided to steal the man’s money from his pocket, thinking that it would go unnoticed.

ODM Daily 30 November 2019
ODM Daily 30 November 2019

ODM Daily 30 November 2019

When the man’s eyes became clear (sugar level restored), he discovered that his money was missing. Upon enquiry about it from those at the bar, he became even more of a laughing stock, with people calling him “A CRANKY OLD MAN.” In a fit of anger, he opened his mouth and declared that the manhood of the person who stole his money would no more function. The one who stole the money dismissed the curse as just the silly joke of a drunkard!

He eventually left the place and later discovered that his “John Thomas” (manhood) had “died.” All efforts to trace the drunkard failed since it had all happened in a beer parlour! So, he ran to God and obtained deliverance from the HOLY GHOST at the Manna Mountain, Lagos. What happened to him? He was a victim of SATANIC PUNISHMENT! A man who was carrying an evil occultic power, though a drunkard, had cursed him!

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Ah! Do you know that some people are MOBILE EVIL ALTARS AND SPIRITUALISTS? They can decide to PUNISH you anytime you offend them and that old drunkard was a MOBILE EVIL ALTAR who DECREED a PUNISHMENT which was carried out by satanic angels and policemen. When Haman signed the decree to PUNISH MORDECAI, it was SATANIC PUNISHMENT in action!

ODM Daily 30 November 2019

A PUNISHMENT out ENVY was prescribed and signed against all the Jews! Just as that decree was RETURNED TO SENDER, so shall be your story be as 2019 ends! Every HAMAN that has decided to PUNISH you will end up in utter shame because they will carry their load by force! This is one of the reasons for the ANOINTING SERVICE of this weekend! Your freedom has come in Jesus name! Today is the November Lagos (Lekki) anointing service. Theme:”SATANIC PUNISHMENT MUST END. Time: 8.00 a.m.

ODM Daily 30 November 2019 – HAMAN MUST CARRY HIS LOAD! ODM Daily 30 November 2019 – HAMAN MUST CARRY HIS LOAD!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. When Haman expired, the satanic punishment meant for Mordecai and the Jews by him also expired. Lord, let every Haman that wants to mock my life with satanic punishments expire now by fire, expire now by fire, expire NOW by fire in Jesus name (pray it seriously).
3. O satanic punishments: your owner “Haman” has expired;
now follow suit by fire! Carry your own load in Jesus name.
4. Pray about today seriously now. See pages 7-9 prayers.

ODM Daily 30 November 2019 – HAMAN MUST CARRY HIS LOAD!

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