One of the most remarkable trees that God created is the psalm tree. No wonder the Bible says in Proverbs 24:16 – “the righteous may fall seven times but he will rise again” And then 1st scripture Vs 12 says, “the righteous will flourish like the palm tree…” It did not say the righteous will flourish like the OAK or IROKO TREE, though these trees look bigger than the palm tree in size and height! Studies have shown that storms and strong winds do not have enough power to BREAK a palm tree. Secondly, they cannot uproot the palm tree! The storm that may uproot an OAK or IROKO tree cannot uproot the palm tree! So, the palm tree is stronger and “bigger” in TENACITY or ability to HOLD ON in stubborn storms! Yes! When the biggest and tallest trees get uprooted by the storms/strong winds, the only thing that happens to the palm tree is that IT MAY BEND.

And No Matter How Low It Bends, When The Storm Is Over, The Palm Tree Comes Right Back Into Its Upright Position! Wonderful God of the Palm tree! Two things to learn from this remarkable tree about you:

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1.   No Storm Will Last Forever.

2.   No Matter How Long The Storm Lasts. It Was Not Sent To Break You! An eagle earns its honour from the storms it endues! There is something inside you that keeps telling you, “I cannot be at the bottom! I cannot be a failure! I canno give up! I will bounce back again!” It’s called the voice of victory! 2 Corinthians 4:13 calls it the “spirit of faith”. It’s the spirit that The champions of old had. Listen to that inner voice and never forget that: The storm is the test, the sunshine is its reward! No matter how 2019 or indeed you entire life has been, refuse to give up now!

Close with Matshona Dhliwayo: “The storm is inferior to the rainbow”. You will stand and tell the world someday: The storm is what they threw at me, the hurricane is what I became”. Like the palm tree, you will NEVER break! You may bend but you will be stronger! Hold on and hold out

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odm Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe
odm Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

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Take any song of worship as led now.

  1. In your own words, pray on today’s word as led
  2. Decree this now: I am stronger than any storm! I may bend but I cannot break! I FLOURISH LIKE THE PALM TREE, AND I WILL BE FRUITFUL because my RAINBOW SEASON is unstoppable (Pray in Tongues).
  3. Still pray concerning this last quarter now! Before the last days of this year, I shall have a RAINBOW testimony in Jesus name.

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  1. Ellen Asare-Pepra

    The Heading should read,” PALM TREES…../ not PSALM TREES

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus.. Amen.

  3. Emmanuel Osei-Akoto

    I am blessed with the message.

  4. Oh thank you Lord, this message is for me. Thank God to remind me that I am a Huricane

  5. Thanks for the observation God bless

  6. This message is powerful. God bless the man of God.

  7. O’ God!, I am really blessed with this message, it had really made me to know the position I have in the Lord Jesus Christ, just like every other child of God. enemies threw stones on me and I became hurricane and unstoppable. May God bless Dr. Chris and refresh his oil daily.

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