ODM October 2019 Day 19


Basic Scripture: Genesis 16: 1-16

There is a sure way to increase, and there is a fast way to increase! One of the FASTEST WAYS to become a millionaire is to win the lottery but IT IS NOT A SURE WAY! A recent study showed that the chances of winning a lottery are l in 304 billion. Also, another research showed that 70% of lottery winners become broke within a few years of winning the lottery! Can you beat that?

ODM October 2019 Day 19
odm 2019 devotional

ODM October 2019 Day 19

One man, Jack Whittaker, won a large sum of $314.9 million; but shortly after his win, his daughter and her friend died due to drug overdose. Whittaker himself developed a drinking problem and became a regular visitor of strip clubs. He was hit by multiple lawsuits, and a large amount of money ($545,000) was stolen from his car. When asked why he carried that amount of money around with him, Whittaker responded, “because I can.”

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He lost even more money from his bank account to a scammer. Today, he lives off social security payments and regrets ever buying the ticket in the first place. Ah! Wealth gotten hastily vanishes! Not just wealth! Indeed, Any Kind Of Premature Breakthrough Always Lead To Permanent Breakdown! Ask Abraham concerning Ishmael! Oh, how about the hundreds of people who smear their hands with all kinds of things in a diabolic HURRY to get faster testimonies! But did ISHMAEL bring PEACE to ABRAHAM? No!


As 2019 ends with certain unfulfilled dreams, always note that: Sometimes arriving too quickly is detrimental! Yes sometimes you have to let your dreams go in order to allow God to bring them back to you- in HIS TIME and in His WAY! The God you serve is never late and rarely early. Time can never be against you because God created your times and seasons! That is why TIME has only one Lord – God Himself.

Keep your trust in Him! Hold on to Him and hold out till your TIME shows up! Yes! It will! Amen and amen! ODM October 2019 Day 19 – HE REGRETTED WINNING THE LOTTERY!

(HEAR A BILLIONAIRE TALK! If you are starting a business or own a business, always see page 89 for encouragement. Show it to other BUSINESS people in every edition). ALSO, IF YOU NEED DELIVERANCE. See your pastor or be at the Manna Mountain any Sunday 8am (OGUDU) or 9am (LEKKI).

Thank you for reading Today Daily Manna Devotional Please click the Share Button at end of this share to social media and loved ones . Our Daily Manna is a daily devotional booklet which started in the form of a daily prayer guide for church members and brethren in a form of two printed sheets. The author of the ODM Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe was led by God to convert the daily prayer guide to a daily devotional, which as a result, by divine leading, has helped so many homes and individuals. He is also the founder of the various Manna Prayer Mountain (MPM) Worldwide, the publisher of the daily faith lifter, the daily terrorist of Satan/his cohorts and the amazing daily dream lifter. You can also enjoy some pages form the devotional like War Against Haman, Daily Prayer pointsODM Programs and EventsImportant Pages, Seed and Donations Page, Evening Prayer Page, God Bless you

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground…

  1. In your own words, pray on today’s word as led now.
  2. Father, I refuse to HURRY into REGRETS! I refuse to move ahead of You! Lord, keep me from any kind of PREMATURE HURRY, HUSTLE or BREAKTHROUGH in Jesus name.

  3. I will stand firm for God and I decree that my STORY to GLORY is locating me in my season in Jesus name.

  4. Pray for me and the ODM crew today!
  5. Pray about today seriously. Cancel 67 end-of-year evil letters!


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