ODM Today 27 November 2019

ODM Today 27 November 2019



Years ago, I wrote about two neighbors in a compound: one a tenant and the other a landlord! Both of them had children in the higher institutions. Then one day, the landlord decided to punish the other family because their daughter, a law student, was just too intelligent. At night when everyone was fast asleep, the landlord came out and dug the SATANIC PUNISHMENT OF MADNESS at the doorstep of the tenant. His intention was that the moment that innocent girl crossed over it, she would go mad.

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Unfortunately, the next morning, she actually crossed over it and madness took over her. The family suffered a lot in their quest to restore their daughter back to sanity. They were already sinking into debts when God showed up. After intensive prayers, it was revealed that the landlord was responsible and after much more prayers, the madness returned back sender! From the day the landlord ran mad, the innocent girl was restored back to sanity!

Those taking your name to evil altars and every stubborn BALAK (enemy) will run mad! Oh! I prophesy: “You shall not be a victim of SATANIC PUNISHMENT AGAIN and any power or DIVINER planning to PUNISH you MUST run mad in Jesus name”…(more tomorrow). Don’t miss the anointing service of this Saturday at the LEKKI MANNA MOUNTAIN, 8am. Theme: SATANIC PUNISHMENT MUST END; BALAAM MUST RUN MAD!

The end of any kind of Spiritual night attack, secret curse/pronouncement, evil prayers, ancestral revenge or satanic punishment working against you has come. Write your prayer points again and come fasting for 3 days before that date. Pray now! LEKKI ANOINTING SERVICE WILL BE A BOMBSHELL! SATANIC PUNISHMENTS MUST END! This Saturday 30th November is the Lagos, (Lekki) anointing service. Theme: “SATANIC PUNISHMENT MUST END” Time: 8.00 a.m. It is your day! See you!

PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 1: Higher ground…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
2. Oh, you satanic king BALAK and you evil prophet BALAAM, enemies of my destiny; your end has come! I command your root to CATCH FIRE NOW in Jesus name.
3. I decree/declare today that I shall no more swallow bitter water. SATANIC PUNISHMENTS MUST EXPIRE! Yoke of satanic punishment; scatter, scatter, scatter, scatter, scatter, now, now, now by fire. Henceforth, my water shall be sweet like honey. I shall eat honey, drink honey and distribute the honey of
wealth, riches/finances, joy, peace, love etc, in Jesus name.

  1. My Father, my Father, arise and let those ushering in reproach into my ministry expire now by fire.
  2. Satanic punishments that has caged my life; EXPIRE NOW! in Jesus name.

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