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ODM Today 27th April 2022 – WHEN STEVE JOBS WAS FIRED!

ODM Today 27th April 2022



Welcome to today’s devotional, DIVINE SURPRISE HOUR! Suffering through a devastating failure—as painful as it is— can be a God-send for your career, because it forces you to create
your way out of rock-bottom and into success.


ODM Today 27th April 2022 – WHEN STEVE JOBS WAS FIRED!

As I write at this time, 4.15am, the LORD is showing me 121, 760 users of today’s devotional! And this message is for them! A brilliant example of creativityprovoking power of suffering through failure is the life story of Steve Jobs—a technology entrepreneur and icon who epically used his failure as a motivation to create greater levels of success.

In Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech to Stanford’s Graduating Class of 2005,
Jobs retold his story of connecting with a strong passion for creating technology at Apple only to get fired from the company he created at the age of 30.

He was a public ridicule! It was the most devastating setback of his life. Though it could have destroyed him, Jobs explained to the graduates that getting publicly fired turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to him, because losing his position and success as the leader of Apple opened him up to express his creativity more freely.

He started a company called NeXT, helped launch Pixar, reclaimed his role as CEO of Apple, and the rest is history. Ah! Don’t give up
now! Failure Breeds Creativity. Your Defeat Will Inspire The Creativity You Need To Win! There are lots of ways to stimulate your creativity –

solitude, reading thought-provoking books such as THE BIBLE, engaging in stimulating conversation with like-minded people, listening to music, working out, etc, are all great ways to get your creative juices flowing.

ODM Today 27th April 2022 – WHEN STEVE JOBS WAS FIRED!

But out of all the many ways to do it, suffering through failure has to be the most powerful way to spark your creativity. Also, Failure shows us who we are. Smiling, laughing, and celebrating through good times is great. But good times don’t show you who you are. Hard times do.

Good times don’t show you how resilient, purposeful, determined, creative, strong-minded, resourceful, motivated, and intelligent you are. Only failure can do that. No wonder God PASSED THE MASTER JESUS through the university of suffering – Vs. 10 of today’s 1st scripture! You are next to win over every adversity and setback! Hold on and hold out!


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PRAYER POINTS: Take Song 2: Blessed assurance…

SWEET ODM Hymns 2nd Quarter (April-June) 2022 – CLICK HERE

  1. O Lord, grant me the grace not to go backwards. I shall not
    be a victim of setbacks, delay or failure.
  2. Lord, use every failure, mistake or error of my past to SURPRISE ME this year!

ODM Today 27th April 2022 – WHEN STEVE JOBS WAS FIRED!

  1. Pray about today seriously. DECLARE that you are UNSTOPPABLE!
  2. My book of remembrance cannot be closed in Jesus name.No good I do is a loss
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